Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus is gone!

(AP Photo) Breaking news! CBS radio has just announced the firing of veteran big-mouth Don Imus.

CBS dropped Imus only a day after MSNBC fired him.

Wow. I'm actually a bit stunned here. I think Imus didn't help his cause by defiantly announcing that he had "apologized enough" and the only people he wanted to talk to now were the Rutgers players.

(Hmmm...I wonder if those ladies are still going to get their apology?)

If he just kept up the mea culpa act a bit longer, he might have kept the CBS gig. But then again, I think CBS's hands were tied, especially after MSNBC dumped him, and leaders like Al Sharpton were still calling for his firing. CBS lost most of the major advertisers to the show, which pretty much left them with no choice.

I have to be honest here...I feel a tiny bit sorry for that dried-up wrinkled old ass. In a sort of "Jimmy the Greek" way, like someone who was raised in another era, and those old habits just wouldn't go completely away. But Imus's big problem was more the result of his trying to be a political talk show rather than a comedy show, which is what he was before Howard Stern knocked him off his throne about 20 years ago.

When you hold court and regularly speak to Presidential candidates, politicians, and heads of state on your show, you can't arbitrarily regress to your racist and sexist former self and not expect to be called on it. And in this age of instant communication and endless repetition, you WILL be called on it!

Basically, Imus was another sad old obsolete relic from days gone by. And like former Senator George "Macaca" Allen, he realized far too late that one careless phrase, no matter how sincerely he regretted it, was enough to do him in.

Then again, I watched FoxNews for a while today, before word of the CBS firing came down. They seemed to think that he's being unfairly persecuted. I wonder if they'll rally to his aid and give him a new home on FoxNews?

Yeah, right. Those guys at Fox might be rightwing nut-jobs, but they ain't crazy!

And now, we get the sublime pleasure of hearing Joe Lieberman spin the news and try to defend his defense of Imus. Boy, Joe seems to have really lost his bearings lately. He used to be a shrewd political operator; now he just squawks like a goose lost in the fog. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad for our nation.


Fuzzy Turtle said...

hopefully Paul Wolfowitz will be joining him on the unemployment line... TOMORROW! *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Imus will get into blogging. But would you be willing to hand over the keys to My Right Douchebag?

CT Bob said...

I don't know about that, but I'm sure he'd be welcome to guest blog on MRD.