Sunday, January 04, 2009

The 41 Most Powerful People in the World

I'm referring to, of course, the Senate Republicans.

This minority of GOPers has the amazing strength to block any Democrat they wish from being seated in the Senate.

Case in point: Harry Reid (the "Nutless Wonder") has sworn to block the legally appointed replacement for Barack Obama's senate seat, Roland Burris, because he fears Senate Republicans will make it difficult for him to legislate.

Burris, who on the surface seems rather pompous, meets the legal requirements to be a Senator, and after a week of intense vetting which has shown absolutely NO connection with Blago's "pay for play" shenanigans, should be seated. The reason Blago even had the opportunity to choose Burris is because Reid is too much of a scaredy-cat to allow a special election in Illinois. As a result, Blago got to make his choice. And the guy is clean.

But the very threat of GOP politicking is enough to make our esteemed Majority Leader hike up his skirts and stand on a chair, shrieking like a 1940's housewife scared by a mouse. He'll cave to the GOP, as usual.

Next case in point: Al Franken has a 225 vote lead in what is being referred to as the most open and transparent recount in history. On Monday the Minnesota Sec. of State will likely certify the election. But the Republican governor might withhold his signature until after all of Norm Coleman's legal challenges are exhausted.

Which will leave Minnesota with one less senator for months, unless Harry Reid decides to seat Coleman as the interim senator until the courts decide who won. This would give the GOP an insurance seat for any future filibusters, and there's no doubt they'll frequently resort to this tactic (as opposed to the Senate Dems, who can't seem to get together to agree that the Sun rises in the East, let alone anything that requires unanimity.)

And if his track record is anything to believe, Reid just might seat Coleman.

I'm willing to give our new President the full 100 days before I start bitching about any things he does wrong.

However, Harry Reid has continually let us down.

He deserves no such leeway.


Anonymous said...

When I saw Harry Reid on Meet the Press this morning I had a strong compulsion to take off a shoe and throw it at the TV.

CT Bob said...

I only wear fuzzy slippers when I watch him for just that reason! I can't afford a new TV.