Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama is President

Just got a call from Bob who is in his bleacher seats on Pennsylvania Avenue waiting for the parade with CT Joyce and Gabe...the parade is still about 2 hours away. He said after Obama took the oath, a roar just rolled up the Avenue. They are sitting right across from the J Edgar Hoover building.

They are freezing -- and I didn't have the heart to tell him I was sitting here in front of the fire. Maura and Melissa had tickets at the Capitol, and CTBlogger is somewhere in DC.

Whitehouse.gov posted a serious makeover about 44 minutes ago, and change.gov is now shuttered. Go take a look.


Anonymous said...

Ola Kirby! I am in California but getting reports from Mike Brown (Milford Democratic Town Committee) and Dave Mooney (Chair of Stratford Dems) that they finally made it in. Gabe and Melissa were stuck in the same line but Mike and Dave made it in just in time for the oath of office and final prayer.

Thanks for holding down the fort on the most funnest blog in CT!

Kirby said...

Thank you, Tessa! Soak up some of that California warmth for us, will you?

Anonymous said...

We made it in just in time!