Thursday, January 22, 2009

More DC photos

A few more photos from Monday night.

The back of the Capitol Building at night. We walked across the exact spot where the helicopter landed to pick up Bush and fly him away the next day.

Joyce and Mike Brown at the Connecticut Delegation Reception in the Russell Senate Office Building.

Rep. Joe Courtney and me at the reception. BTW, I'm not wearing the hat indoors because I'm trying to look cool; everyone had to pile their coats on a big table, and I was worried it would get crushed if I left it there.

Joyce with Annie Lamont. We had a nice talk with Annie and she caught us up on what the kids are up to.

Sen. Chris Dodd and I spent a few moments together.

Finally, here we are with Rep. Jim Himes. We wanted to visit all our Congressmen's offices over in the Canon HOB, but because it took us two hours to get into the Rayburn HOB to visit Rosa's office, we ran out of time.


Anonymous said...

awesome photo's, great job..

CT Bob said...

Thanks muchly!