Monday, January 05, 2009

Jim Himes, Congress to be sworn-in live on C-SPAN

(Jim Himes listens to citizen's concerns at an open forum in Bridgeport last month)

Tomorrow is the culmination of roughly two years' work by many, many dedicated volunteers, contributors, and paid staff, who toiled endlessly to elect a Democrat in the 4th CD.

Jim Himes will complete the Connecticut Democratic Delegation in the House when he's sworn-in live on C-SPAN, starting at noon tomorrow.

Jim spoke to me briefly at the JJB Dinner (above) nearly two years ago, and for many people it was their very first glimpse of the man who would ultimately defeat Chris Shays.

This is an email message from Jim:
Thanks to your dedication and commitment over the course of our campaign, I will be honored to take the oath of office tomorrow to represent Connecticut's Fourth District in the 111th United States Congress.

You can watch the en masse swearing-in of all freshman members of the new Congress live on C-SPAN tomorrow, Tuesday, January 6th at 12:00 noon.

As 2009 begins, I believe both the incoming Obama Administration and both parties in Congress understand the magnitude of the economic crisis we are facing. As we get to work immediately tomorrow, I need to continue to hear your thoughts, opinions, advice, and criticism.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be opening district offices in Bridgeport and Stamford, an office in Washington D.C., and an official Congressional website where you will be able to communicate with our office. These are just some of the many ways for us to stay in touch as we move forward together. I hope we will continue to do so.


Dan, Lauren,Abby and Connor said...

Mr. Himes my family along with many others in this country are thrilled you defeated Chris Shays. Mr. Shays has done much damage to the country he claims he loves. I am very confident that you will represent Connecticut flawlessly. Please let Mr. Shays retire in obscurity. He will not be missed by those who worked so hard for your victory.

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Dan. It was good seeing you at the victory celebration on election night.

Bob Symmes said...

My dear (Hon.) CTBob:

Most hearty congratulations on your appointment! You have now, through your desire to do well by your community, earned the right to be condemned by those upon whose behalf you wish to serve.

(The preceding sentence, having three prepositions, the existence of which being necessary to understand intelligent communication, might be too much for many to easily understand -- not YOU, ACR!)

(The preceding sentence, consisting of one or more cases of ablative absolute verbiage, might be too much for unfettered gun rights aficionados to understand (this includes YOU, Chief Justice Roberts and ACR!)

CT Bob said...

LOL! I got a headache reading that.