Saturday, January 03, 2009

Milford to develop "green fleet"

The city's Board of Alderman are working on a draft resolution meant to implement the resolution passed in September of establishing a comprehensive policy to purchase more fuel-efficient city vehicles.

While the image above is just a parody, we might be seeing hybrid or alternatively-fueled vehicles being used by the city in the near future. James Tinley reports in the New Haven Register:
“Everyone seemed to be on board and in agreement that the city needs to lead by example,” said aldermanic Chairman Ben Blake, D-5. “The city needs to show it’s making headway.”

Blake said the draft ordinance is only for “discussion purposes” at this point and he is not sure when a final draft will be ready for a vote by the Board of Aldermen.

“I don’t see it something that is so distant in the future. In fact, I’d say it will happen in the relatively near future,” Blake said.

Even when a policy is formalized, Blake said changes are expected as newer technologies emerge or the needs of the city change.

“This is something that is going to be a working, living document,” he said
I like the idea of making the resolution flexible, to take into account new and changing technologies as they develop. It'll be interesting to see where we go from here.

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Anonymous said...

You threw a curve on your political blog on this one CtBob but it does raise a point. Was Drill Baby Drill all about the price of gas or was it all politics? I think we will see more pushing and shoving on this subject in the future. Although the jury is still out with many on the world being flat or hot I think we can all agree it sure is getting crowded. It is getting harder and harder to find a parking place and when we finally find one, do we sometimes think? "I shoulda took a bus." Everyone loves their own wheels but when certain places in big, wild, wide open America becomes as tight as Japan or many parts of Europe somethings gotta give. I hope our local leaders ponder this in their future tranportation planning. J.C. Sr.