Friday, January 09, 2009

Opinion ISN'T "The News"

I'd like to take a moment to discuss what this blog is about, just in case there's anyone who doesn't "get it".

(And doesn't that "CNN font" look cool? I've been dying to find an excuse to use it.)

Anyway, a political blog is usually, by its nature, a place for opinion and commentary. It's not necessarily "news" in the traditional sense; although there ARE news blogs, notably the stellar "CT News Junkie" for instance.

But most political blogs are simply commentary and opinion. And, through the comments sections, they often act as a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Sometimes quite vehement exchanges.

There are usually two kinds of comments on a blog post. First, you get the "I agree, you make perfect sense to me" comments. Then there are the "you must be smoking crack to have that opinion!" comments.

And of course, there are also the rare "you are a (hypocrite/racist/anti-Semite/hypocrite(I see that one a lot!)/liar/traitor/etc)" comments.

Unlike most other local blogs, I don't put the comments into pre-moderation, or require you to set up a user account. I allow people to post anonymously and immediately, although I do ask them to use a handle so I can tell them apart. I can be less than charitable with anonymous commenters sometimes because if I get three anonymous slams in a row, I tend to see them as the same person. I've been wrong on occasion and lashed out at them, but generally I let their remarks stand. Once in a while I will delete a comment if it contains a personal attack against another commenter, or "hate speech", or threats. I try to explain why the comment was deleted.

My recent articles about the Gaza situation has stirred up a lot of strong responses in the comments. People are very divided on the conflict, and I think the responses I'm getting are somewhat indicative of the public opinion. There are a significant number of "why do you love the terrorists?" comments, along with plenty of "thank you for speaking the truth" comments. I see many more comments via email than appears on the blog. I think that's because people feel slightly uneasy with publicly agreeing with my position, because they don't want to risk being labeled "Hamas sympathizers" (or worse!)

Which, as any of you would know if you've been paying attention, is exactly what I'm NOT saying. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is a conflict that can't be solved militarily, and in fact will turn into an even bigger threat if it continues.

But if I'm going to err, I'd rather err on the side of peace.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Nice logo; use it until they sue you.......they're still on the air aren't they?

Haven't watched them in years.

tessa said...

Bob. No need to defend yourself.

Gaza is a no-win situation, being played out in the manner of toddlers in sandboxes. Except these toddlers have explosive Tickle Me Elmo dolls.

I agree that words are better weapons than missiles, and a war of words can lead to resolution instead of limbless babies bleeding in their fathers' arms.

Can that sort of maturity succeed? Well, it beats this alternative don't it.

As usual, you write well and express the thought that dare not speak it's name: Peace.

iBlog said...

Thank you for being willing to present a less-than-popular viewpoint on the endless "Middle-East Crisis."

CT Bob said...

ACR - But it's important to get your news from multiple sources. I watch FoxNews and read Drudge because I want to know what the opposition is thinking!

Tessa and iBlog - thanks!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CT Bob said:
>>But it's important to get your news from multiple sources.

Those in the center to center-right need only watch anything to see what the far left thinks.

Besides I visit sites such as yours.

Prime Time

January 8, 2009

FNC – 1,775,000 viewers
CNN—1,075,000 viewers
MSNBC –1,110,000 viewers
CNBC – 209,000 viewers
HLN – 834,000 viewers

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

"I'd rather err on the side of peace."

That worked out real well for both Neville Chamberlain and all of the UK too.

CT Bob said...

It almost never fails...

Anytime anyone mentions an alternate to war, you can expect a conservative to pull Neville Chamberlain out their ass!

Nobody is going to let Hamas annex the frickin' Sudetenland, fer Christ's sake! LOL!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CT Bob said...

>>Anytime anyone mentions an alternate to war..........

Fine, please cite an example where appeasement resulted in a long lasting peace.

(Not counting peace due to the imposition of Totalitarianism)

Those in support of Israel are not a pack of war mongers, nor are we devout Muslim bashers.
In fact I joined my friend, Hajah, ("call me `Eddie'") and watched as he and 60 others took their oath becoming a U.S. citizens this past Friday in Hartford.

(It was worse than a wedding for this soft-touch and I embarrassed him by starting to cry.)

CT Bob said...

Who said anything about appeasement? Besides you, that is?

I said PEACE! Big frickin' difference! As I said all along, we need to get involved to find a PEACEFUL solution; something that doesn't involved kids dying maybe.

And just today, Obama said he's going to take an active role in the Middle East peace process from Day One. Which is something Bush Jr. just couldn't seem to wrap his insignificant little mind around.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>And just today, Obama said he's going to take an active role in the Middle East peace process from Day One. Which is something Bush Jr. just couldn't seem to wrap his insignificant little mind around.

Considering the mess Carter created followed by your boy Clinton; you're in no position to say diddly regarding Bush as it regards Israel / Hamas.

Israel should simply continue to take rockets into their schools fired from Hamas apartment buildings, schools, and hospital grounds?

Maybe Egypt should step up to the plate and put a stop to the munitions coming in from Iran through Egypt and no place else.

Protesting Egypt would actually make sense.

CT Bob said...

Give the man a chance.

Maybe we'll have real leadership for a change.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Maybe we'll have real leadership for a change.


To his credit, it seems to me, and a lot of other Republicans including one I was speaking to less than an half hour ago....that Obama's entire tone changed from the day he got his first post-election security briefing.

He has sounded entirely differently from that day forward to present.

Certainly he's surprised a boatload of Republicans so far, and we're far more optimistic than we were 60 days or so ago.