Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tip to Cabinet Nominees: Pay your taxes

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Several high profile stories have plagued Obama cabinet nominees recently, and they seem to revolve around their lack of paying their taxes in a timely manner.

Both former Sen. Tom Daschle (Obama's choice for Health Secretary) and Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secretary) have not only neglected paying a portion of their taxes, but the non-payment was only discovered during the highly-detailed economic vetting process.

This kind of pisses me off.

Not so much because some wealthy politicians apparently got confused when dealing with our nation's complex tax code, but the fact that if they weren't up for Cabinet positions, the non-payments would probably have gone undiscovered.

I'm sure the $34K that Geithner neglected to pay, and the $128K oopsie by Daschle are but microscopic droplets in our nation's tax pool, but still! There is something terribly wrong with our tax system when these "droplets" are not even missed by the government.

Maybe it's time to revamp our tax code to make it simpler. There must be other nations out there which have vibrant economies while utilizing a simple taxation system, but I can't think of any right now. Probably because I'm under the influence of Ny-Quil and a rather fine doctor-prescribed single malt scotch.

OK, so a doctor didn't really prescribe booze for me, but I'm just trying to defeat this awful cold I picked up recently. Hmmm...I wonder if standing outdoors last week in a 5-degree wind-chill all day long had anything to do with me getting sick?

(BTW, I despise everything about the concept of "lolcats"! But I'm semi-delirious right now, so I don't make much sense)


Anonymous said...

Why no entry announcing that Stanley Heller and the other hamas apologists have scheduled a protest against the hamas roadside bomb several days ago and that this morning hamas launched more missles into Israel? Oh yeah there isn't going to be one. Why not?????????????? Once again proof that peace is the furthest thing from the Israeli haters including heller and his fellow travelers. Somehow I can't picture cair and the other pro terrorist groups in CT protesting hamas's deliberate attempt to provoke Israel. BTW Bob in case you missed it the FBI under Obamas administration ended ties with cair on friday. Be sure what follows soon will be criminal proceedings. I'm sure however Mr. heller will protest THAT. BTW For background, research the terror financing trial in Texas and cair's involvement.

CT Bob said...

From CNN: "Since the cease-fire began, militants have sporadically fired rockets into Israel. Israel has responded with air strikes."

Sounds like Israel is already taking matters into their own hands.