Thursday, January 29, 2009

DeLauro witnesses Equal Pay become law

Rosa DeLauro was instrumental in getting this bill passed. Bravo (brava?) to her and all her colleagues who worked so hard to see it reach fruition!

From Scarce over at My Left Nutmeg:
President Barack Obama, center, signs the Lilly Ledbetter Bill with Lilly Ledbetter, fourth from the left, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009, in the East Room at the White House in Washington.

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama signed an equal pay bill into law Thursday, declaring that it's a family issue, not just a women's issue.

The president picked the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for the first piece of legislation to sign as president.

He appeared before a packed East Room audience for a ceremony, and Ledbetter stood at his side.

His entrance in the room was met with hearty cheers from the many labor and women's groups represented there. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker in the history of Congress, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were present.
Gee, women are now legally entitled to equivalent pay that a man would get for the same job. We're just over a week in, and this is an example of the CHANGE that Barack Obama promised he'd make when he became president.

Somehow, I just couldn't imagine this sort of thing ever being passed by a Republican-majority Congress or signed by former president George W. Bush (goddamn, it feels so good to write the word "former" for that last bit!)


Anonymous said...

I had a sister. One of five who after high school went to work for a medium size contracting company as a bookeeper. After a few years the accountant retired and she assumed all his work along with her own for half the pay. Naturally she resented that. I'm sure any republican would vote in favor of the small struggling business man. JC Sr

The Intellectual Redneck said...

Lawsuit filed claiming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is constitutionally ineligible to serve

There were serious questions about the constitutional eligibility of Hillary Clinton to serve as secretary of State. The issue arises from a vote held to raise the Secretary of States salary. Senator Hillary Clinton voted for this increase. The Constitution forbids members of the Senate from being appointed to civil office, such as the Secretary of State, if the "emoluments," or salary and benefits, of the office were increased during the Senator's term.

CT Bob said...

You're barking up the wrong tree, Redneck. Typical Republican grasping at straws. Apparently nothing would make you and Rush Limbaugh happier than for the Obama administration to fail.

I'll put this in simple terms: your team lost. Get over it. Now it's time for us to work together to fix the awful mess Bush left for us.

After four years of Condi Rice's ineffectual SecState term, I'm personally looking forward to seeing what Hillary can do to help strengthen our nation's standing in the world.

But you go worry about a made-up controversy, which if you'd actually been paying attention, you'd know that it had already been addressed.

Anonymous said...

This ledbetter law means nothing. The only fair thing would be that the janitor makes the same as the ceo, the clerk makes the same as the ceo and so on and so on. All workers should be paid the same thus eliminating a class based society. Any thing short of that means we have a society that values some more than others.

CT Bob said...

Go back and study your Marx again.

I'm talking about Groucho, of course. He's way funnier than you.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at pelosi in that picture. What planet is she on?

West Haven Bob said...

Jeez, Bob....

Did you get doused in asshole hormones today, or what?

West Haven Bob said...

Isn't "Intellectual Redneck" an inherent contradiction?

CT Bob said...

Business as usual here, WH Bob!

The thing that I often wonder about is, why does someone post a comment that has absolutely zero to do with the original post? The "Clinton eligibility" comment above is a prime example. I haven't even addressed the Hillary as SecState issue yet, except right here in the comments.

Maybe people do it because they know more people will probably see their comments here than on their own nonsensical and insignificant little blogs.

(...although, we're not quite the HuffPo just yet!)

Anonymous said...

Please don't go Huffpo. You're much more local fun. JC Sr

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Somehow, I just couldn't imagine this sort of thing ever being passed by a Republican-majority Congress

Where the hell were the Democrats when women were fighting for the Right to Vote?

(No, Mrs. Roosevelt wasn't anywhere to be found until after the victory.)

CT Bob said...

Well, where the hell is the Republican Party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility that Reagan was so proud of not 20 years ago? Parties often change over time; some for the better, some for worse.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>where the hell is the Republican Party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility..?

Think we've somehow "missed" that?

Rebuild the party

Where do you think Mike Steele's support came from?

CT Bob said...

"Where do you think Mike Steele's support came from?"

Not from the majority of RNC members who DIDN'T vote for him on the first 5 ballots, that's for sure! Calling it "lukewarm" support would be over-stating the case..

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CT Bob said:
Not from the majority of RNC members..

Well duh?

Steele ran from the outside, he's not a current member of the RNC.

Electing a new chair from the outside is rare.

When we have the White House, the President is given the courtesy of the RNC electing whoever he likes; otherwise the RNC is on it's own and no one can remember the last time an outsider was elected.

Further, I doubt you spend a lot of time on blogs that lean right; but in that venue Steele was the solid choice from day one.