Saturday, January 03, 2009

Franken expands lead with absentee ballots

Breaking News! Minnesota Sec. of State Mark Ritchie just announced that the election will be certified on Monday. While he didn't say how they would rule, it should be obvious given today's developments.

During the initial tally of the disputed absentee ballots today, Al Franken has extended his lead from 49 votes to 223 (now 225) votes. This figure might change slightly as the evening goes on. is providing excellent streaming video coverage and commentary of this critical and historic event. They are doing amazing work and I strongly encourage you all to send them a donation if you believe in the total transparency of democracy that their ground-breaking coverage is providing.

The Minnesota canvassing board will continue to assess the situation tonight, and reconvene on Monday. But the number of additional votes that the initial tally shows may indicate a bulletproof lead, despite Norm Coleman's desperate attempts to challenge the results.

My guess is that the media will pick up on the new numbers and there will be a growing call for Norm Coleman to drop his challenges. The total transparency of the entire process should help defuse concerns over the fairness of the recount, and The Uptake deserves a share of the credit for bringing the recount to the people.

If Albert Einstein were alive today and helping with the recount, he'd probably use his superior intellect to sway the Minnesota GOP to drop their desperate challenge:

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