Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DC Parade Tickets

Just received my bleacher seat tickets for the Inauguration Parade!

Last Friday they announced they were putting 5,000 bleacher seats on sale at 1PM through Ticketmaster. So I went to the Ticketmaster page a few minutes before 1 and waited for the screen to say tickets were on sale. During the last minute I refreshed the screen every five seconds.

At about 1:00:25 (yes, that's 25 seconds after 1PM) it gave me the ticket ordering screen. I quickly filled out the online form and submitted it. After about a minute it came back and said my tickets were ordered. Woo-hoo!

Just for the heck of it, I went back about a minute later to see if I could order again. The screen showed tickets were unavailable. Later on, I read that the tickets all sold out in the first two minutes.

Our plans for the big day are coming together nicely. We'll get into DC via the Metro early on Tuesday and watch the swearing in from the Mall, then go to the bleachers and take our seats for the parade that will start at the conclusion of the ceremony. We figure we'll spend at least six hours out in the cold, so we'll be dressed warmly.

Later today I'll post some maps and links that might be useful for people attending the event.


Dan, Lauren,Abby and Connor said...

Great job Bob. Thank you so much for posting maps. I will be heading down with the family Sunday morning and could use a little help. Thanks again.

CT Bob said...

Will do!

Adam J. Schmidt said...

Where are you staying when you're down here? We'll probably pass by each other somewhere in NJ as I'm heading to Connecticut to escape the madness of the crowds.

CT Bob said...

We're going to be at a friend's condo in Falls Church, VA; about a 10 minute walk from the Orange Line Metro.