Saturday, January 10, 2009

Countdown to DC

Just 10 days and counting.

We're gonna be there.

We're going to drive down to Warshington (h/t John McCain) for the big show.

The Inauguration of President Obama.

I'll be blogging intermittently during the two preceding days, and I'll have some Inauguration Day photos and video late in the day on the 20th.

We'll be there, to report on this historic event.

...and, perhaps, to enjoy a slightly alcoholic beverage or two!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless on your trip. I won't be going so bring back plenty of pics, please. I got down to in front of Stop & Shop in New Britain today to meet Congressman Chris Murphy. I'm seventy nine years old and honest to goodness, he's the first politician I've ever shook hands with. I have always gone around them instead of winding up jawboneing them on what I really thought of them. I wished him and Barak Obama well and thanked him for keeping G.B. and D.C.'s grubby hands off my Social Security. J.C. Sr.

CT Bob said...


Chris is good people. It's good that you got to meet him.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Have a nice trip Bob; it's gonna be complete bedlam so God Bless ya!
Normal traffic there makes NYC look like upper Litchfield County by comparision; I can't imagine what you're getting yourself into.

>>D.C.'s grubby hands off my Social Security

Unfortunately, that's exactly who has their hands on it; and that's the problem.

Hamden and Bristol both looked at placing their respective pension funds with a private firm within weeks of each other around 20 years ago.

Hamden did not opt to go private while Bristol did.
Bristol's pension fund has grown to a point that their citizens haven't had to add one cent to it in over 7 years; Hamden does.

Were our Social Security dollars actually building a fund as opposed to being operated like a monster Ponzi scheme we wouldn't need to worry about it *and* with a pile of cash that should now be in the trillions, the dollar would be stronger too.

Regardless of *who* administers the fund, it's not been done properly yet, or ever.

Bob Symmes said...

I decided to attend the New Haven party at the Omni...fewer crowds.