Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meaning of Roe

(Bumped to the top of the page, because this is important - CTBob)

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Fortunately, with President Obama, we are reasonably safe for the next 4 years, but must keep our flank guarded for legislation that tries to take away women's rights. And, I think it really is that simple. I don't know if I would choose an abortion, and have never had to confront that issue. But, I am certain that I am not so full of myself as to think I can make that decision for another woman. And I am certain that I don't want a bunch of men making those decisions for women.

I chose this image because I have yet to meet a woman who found the decision to terminate a pregnancy a simple one that follows a straight path. It is a complicated process, and one that we cannot make for others.

Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Period.

And on this day, we need to embrace the true meaning of being pro-life. It means being in favor of stopping torture, and ending poverty, and practicing tolerance, and overcoming bigotry and hatred, and providing health care to all Americans, and halting war. That's what being pro-life means to me, and I am proud to be pro-life. How about you?


CT Bob said...

One thing I never understood about those anti-Choice idiots who spend their time protesting in front of Planned Parenthood is why they don't work to prevent unwanted pregnancies instead of worrying so much about abortion? If they worked half as hard to educate young people and provide birth control, they'd see an immediate and permanent drop in the number of abortions needed.

But no, they'd rather indulge in their self-righteous hatred than do anything useful. Anything that fools them into believing they'll get into Heaven someday is acceptable to them.

Anonymous said...

is the last paragraph supposed to say "pro-choice"?

CT Bob said...

I don't think so. What I was saying is that the anti-choice morons shouldn't protest like idiots, but actually DO something that would help reduce the need for abortions.

They seem to think they'll score points with God if they make a show of being against women's reproductive rights, without actually doing anything that might help.

Anonymous said...

no, i meant last paragraph of the post, not your comment.

CT Bob said...

Oh, I see! I'm so self-centered I was sure you were referring to me! LOL!

What I think Kirby was saying is that she is truly "pro-life", not the phony, hypocritical, ultra-radical definition of the phrase that the religious right seems to embrace. She's in favor of a woman's right to choose, to have access to safe and legal abortion if she decides it's necessary.

Also, Kirby is against all those other things she lists in that paragraph. She's trying to reclaim the phrase "pro-life" from the radical right to mean that we should value all aspects of life.

Or, maybe she screwed up and meant "pro-choice"! LOL! But I think I interpreted it correctly.

CT Bob said...

Christine Stuart has a good article about the Roe v. Wade anniversary at CT News Junkie

Kirby said...

Yes, I am reclaiming the term pro-life to mean improving the quality of life for all persons.

Anonymous said...

ok haha that was slightly confusing