Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More News on the MGAT situation

The story about the committee appointment hit the New Haven Register today, with the agonizingly pithy headline, "Appointment to cable access board generates static"

Did I say pithy? The next time I see reporter James Tinley, I'm going to ask him if they have a special course in journalism school dedicated solely to constructing those silly pun-filled headlines!

Actually, I kid...I'm often guilty of doing the same thing on my blog. It's really hard to resist doing, especially after all the NY Post headlines that I was subjected to during the formative years (in my case, that would be the teens through the 40s!)

Anyway, this is the reason I just ran out in the rain to grab a copy of the New Haven Register:
MILFORD — The appointment Monday night of a left-leaning political blogger to the Milford Government Access Television Board riled Republicans, creating the only dissension among aldermen during the appointments of more than 50 people to various boards and commissions.

Bob Adams, known by his blog readers as CT Bob, was a late addition to the agenda and replaced Republican Stephen Spector. Democratic Town Committee Chairman Richard Smith claimed Monday night that Spector should not have been on the agenda because aldermen never agreed to it. MGAT board members are chosen by aldermen.
So it looks like Mr. Spector is actually a Republican, not a Democrat, as was posted on the agenda I saw. Not that it makes a great deal of difference in this case, because I don't see partisan politics as having any place in this committee. We're tasked with bringing government to the home viewer, and that means what goes on in the meetings will be on the TV. That's basically it.
After a brief debate, in which Adams’ blog was referenced by Alderman Scott Willey, R-4, Adams was confirmed by a 9-6 vote along party lines. Adams was the only nominee, of almost 60, who was not confirmed unanimously.

Republican aldermen complained that Adams was added to the agenda only the day before Monday’s meeting. Smith called the Republican objections “silly.”

“My readers know that I can be opinionated, but they also know that I want true transparency in government,” Adams said following his confirmation Monday night.

Adams wrote on his blog Tuesday: “For the record, I’m going to play this completely straight, and the only agenda I’ll be serving will be to help provide complete transparency to the legislative process through public access TV. My political opinions will be limited to what you read on this blog.”

Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. originally had the power to appoint the MGAT members with aldermanic approval, but aldermen voted last month to give themselves the sole say in MGAT board appointments.

Richetelli said he was pleased the people originally involved in bringing local government access to Milford were still on the board, but was upset there were no Republicans selected. The board now has three Democrats and two unaffiliated members.

“This was seen as the Democrats first chance to fill a board and they showed they talk a good game of bi-partisanship...but showed their true colors and appointed no Republicans at all,” the mayor said.

Smith said the GOP made a big deal out of the Adams appointment, but quietly took care of “their own housekeeping,” by not reappointing Republican Tom Zawislinski to the police board.

Smith said he believes Zawislinski was not reappointed because the GOP was unhappy with him.

“I was fine with Tom, and I believe he wanted to stay on the board. It was the Republicans’ decision to keep him off. ... I don’t think Tom is too happy,” Smith said...
The article continued with the Zawislinski story from there.

James covered the story quite fairly, but I wish he'd gotten some quotes from Alderman Willey, because I'd really love to know what it is specifically that he doesn't like about my blog.

And the phrase "left-leaning political blogger" always brings an image to mind of some scruffy-looking guy lurching awkwardly down the sidewalk because one leg is way shorter than the other, while clutching a battered laptop in his hands and looking for a coffee shop with free Wifi so he can spread his wicked lefty views across the blogosphere.

But maybe I'm taking the metaphor too literally?


Anonymous said...

You should wear that party line vote as a badge of honor.

CT Bob said...

I'd rather that we all just get along. Me, I prefer to avoid controversy.

(Not that I don't enjoy stirring the pot once in a while.)

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Will you be adding any new channels, such as the comedy hit "I Love Lenin" , "Cooking With The Khrushchevs" or that big favortite, "Movies With Mao" to the Milford cable system?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

See wht hapens when I don't spel chek?
Its not prety is ti?

that disorder attention thing, Seriously plus that dyslexia damned the better of me gets time all the.

get threw a day it amzing I can get

Anonymous said...

In the reporter's defense -- as a former journalist I felt the need to rush to his aid -- they almost NEVER select their headlines. That is typically an editorial decision.

CT Bob said...


I was thinking more like "The Axis of Evil Hour", "The Kim Jong-il Variety Show", and "The $20,000 Pyramid of Doom".

anon - I was just poking a little fun. Yes, it usually IS the editor with the awful headlines. I always wondered if editors are failed writers who just can't quit the business?

kwhitehead said...

Bob: How much are paying ACR to provide such entertainment on your blog? With such skills, he can't be cheap.

CT Bob said...

I know! It's actually a lot of fun having a foil like him around. He keeps me on my toes and he doesn't cut any slack for laziness or sloppy reporting.

Even scarier is when we AGREE on something! It's rare, but it DOES happen!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Even scarier is when we AGREE on something! It's rare, but it DOES happen!

More often than anyone needs to know.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>With such skills, he can't be cheap.

Oh but I am - a fresh cup of coffee and an ashtray is all I ask.

To his credit, never once has Bob asked me to put out my cigarette when I visit his blog.

Paul said...

Everybody seems to have something to say when it comes to board appointments , and this is not the same as to have moment in the final decision of who is going to be promoted to this coveted position.