Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sign of the times

I shot this picture yesterday. This Milford resident is so obviously thrilled that Obama is going to be our next president that the sign was left up since before election day.

My Obama/Biden sign was stolen after merely a week back in October, so it's cool to see "that one" proudly displayed.

In other news, wrongly-accused parade disruptor Ken Krayeske will be in DC to cover the inaugural parade.

With me & Joyce.

(God help us!)

In case you misremember, I interviewed Ken just days after his wrongful arrest and detention at the hands of the Police during Gov. Jodi Rell's inauguration parade two years ago. Here's the classic video:


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>just days after his wrongful arrest


A man with a record of harassing the Governor charges towards her and gets detained for his trouble?

What did he expect?

CT Bob said...

What record? Show me.