Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Parade Video Diary

This is the video from the big day!

I tried to observe as much as possible during the day, and focus on the little details of the event. I probably would have done a better job if I wasn't freezing my butt off!


tessa said...

Cool. Thanks.

Freedom Edon said...

UGH 4 years of idiocy in the whitehouse. I wish it was Sarah Palin.

CT Bob said...

This is too easy:

1) It's gonna be EIGHT years.

2) Bush set the gold standard for idiocy. It's an absolute that will never be exceeded, like the speed of light.

3) Palin ran for VP, so she wouldn't be in the White House even if she won.

4) "whitehouse" is actually TWO words, moron.

Wow. You're dumb on multiple levels.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>It's gonna be EIGHT years.

Don't tease like that; if it's only 4 the Democratic Party could survive; after 8 the country should have had enough that if we're still here at all, the Dems will be out for the better part of 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Today Obama sanctioned a missle attack in pakistan. When will the left start calling him a war criminal and seek his arrest for killing innocent civilians? Uhh any lefty want to flip out on the murdering obama? Anyone? Oh I think I heard a pin drop. Hypocrites.

CT Bob said...

Jesus. I think I need to start using wingnut repellent!

I'll tell you what, genius...if Obama unilaterally decides to invade and occupy a sovereign nation, I'll be the first in line to call for his impeachment. Until then, he gets a large amount of leeway from me. Remember, he inherited this foreign policy mess from that douche-tard Bush.

It's gonna take more than three days to fix Bush's disasters. Unless Obama starts World War III tomorrow, he's getting at least 100 days before I complain about anything!

Anonymous said...

"...freezing my butt off!"

Now that Obama has had a chance to get going, things have warmed up considerably. Fifty four degrees down here today, Bob.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, despite the cold weather.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

CT Bob said:
>>Obama starts World War III tomorrow.....


It starts tomorrow?

Geesh, I'll it to my PDA, I had no idea.

Thanks for the heads up!

CT Bob said...

Anonymous, yeah we had a great time in DC, both for the inauguration activities and getting to hang out with friends we see all too rarely these days. Fun trip, despite the deep freeze!