Monday, January 19, 2009

The "Aso" Cafe

Last night we went out to a great local Mexican restaurant with Maura and her friends Doug and Terry. We had a wonderful dinner, and during the meal Maura told us how the restaurant was infamous as being the only eatery in northern Virginia where George W. Bush had a meal during his presidency.

The place took the chair where W sat his ass, and painted it up in patriotic colors. I noticed the date was 9-24-01. I pondered this for a moment.

Then I got enraged. Here's George W. Bush, less than two weeks into the worst crisis of the last 60 years, taking the night off to go have a taco. Hey, I know tacos rule, but I'd rather he spent the time maybe figuring out how to cope with the still on-going after effects of the attacks.

We saw the sign appropriately reflected the last day of Bush's regime.

(In all fairness, the "El Paso Cafe" is a wonderful restaurant, with great food and live strolling Mexican music playing guitarists.)

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