Friday, December 22, 2006

"Blog Wars" party video

Here's the video (shot with the awesome new camera you guys helped me buy; obviously I'm still learning how to use it!) from the recent screening we held at Hojos in Milford.

Don't despair if you missed this screening; there's talk about holding a Hartford-area screening on Jan. 17th. When the details are finalized, I'll post a notice here.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and remember that I'm neither A) a good public speaker, and B) familiar at all with the new camera.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the documentary on Dec. 28, as well as attending the January 11th party with Ned. Get your camera ready Bob...221 people have already signed up!!!

dad said...

how's the truth of the float's story coming along?

or are you content with perpetuating the false story?

CT Bob said...

Dude, I don't know what you're referring to at all here. I didn't know there was a "false story" going around.

Help me understand this. Why don't you email me so we can discuss this, off the public boards?

dad said...

The discussion should be held in public. I replied for your request for details over at MLN. The other detail may be found in the film.


dad said...

for your convenience:

ask Edward, he knows.

CT Bob said...

OK, fine.

I just read your response(s) to my comment on MLN. Which you posted TWO DAYS after I wrote it, and by then the article had been pushed far off the front page. That's another good reason to use email.

Since you want to do this in public, that's fine with me. I'll be perfectly frank here. I think it's great what your son and you did with the float, and you absolutely deserve credit. If you'll send me a photo of you and A posing in front of it, I'll post it, along with your MLN responses to my comment. I think your entire family deserves credit for creating the single most recognizable icon of the campaign; based, I think, on CT Keith's button idea.

I do think your pulling it off the road immediately following the primary was a bad idea, and I (along with many others) posted comments to you on MLN saying that. I think your insistance that you hear from the campaign personally before putting it back on the road was a mistake, especially considering the campaign never had anything to do with it from the start.

I don't know what "false story" you're referring to, but if you'll be clear about it (rather than cryptically saying "the other detail may be found in the film") it would help. I'm not responsible for every little detail in the film (or ANYTHING other than my content), so if Will and James got something wrong, take it up with them. It's not a perfect film by any means, but I'm trying to push the positive side of the message. Maybe we'll get more people out there interested in becoming video bloggers, which can only be a good thing.

And I'm not going to "ask Edward" anything. I don't give a crap what Ed knows or doesn't know; you're the one who made the comment above about me "perpetuating the false story". So YOU explain to me what the problem is. I really don't appreciate your insinuation.

I would have preferred to do this via email, but apparently this is what you want.

Anonymous said...

You are of course right that my reply to your comment was in fact tardy. But the your suggestion to right it was posted there and it was there I replied.

Regarding my accusation of a false story it is in regards to whom I understand the film suggests credit for the float and its not to its 16-year old originator.

I know I am being a turd. But those involved with the film knew the truth about the float and they chose to omit and/or ammend it. It was Edward who chose not to include us the week he had the float, the week they were filming. In fact on the day we were to meet with the crew, we recieved no contact. As I have said that is unfortunate.

As for my trust in private discussion and understandings, you might understand why I am leary of that. I am not all right here, regarding this matter, but I'm not all wrong either.

I have watched and been quite through Armando's selective history posted the day before primary on DailyKos, through GQ articles. I hoped and trusted that the film would make right. It didn't which is why I decided to try to make it right.

It is amazing to me that in the triumph of "people powered politics" that the we qucikly fall into traditional patterns.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this here with you.

Anonymous said...

sorry for my mistakes

Anonymous said...

oh, and regarding your comment about my deciding to temporarily pull the float back it has no relevance here as the film was recorded before the primary.


CT Bob said...

Jeff, I don't wish to get involved in a debate about things that other people may have done that I had no knowledge of. Whatever people other than me did, it's THEIR problem. I'm only responsible for myself and my actions.

For example, I don't even know who the hell Armando is, or what he wrote on Kos. I'm not a daily reader there; I'm busy enough maintaining my own blog. Do not assume that I read everything and know everything that goes on. I don't. I don't necessarily even read all the articles on MLN. I have absolutely no idea why you might be leery of private emails, for instance. Personally, I think airing these kinds of grievances publicly makes us look petty and childish.

I agree 100% that you and your son didn't get enough credit for the float, but the way to go about correcting it isn't to waywardly post vague insinuations on people's blogs; especially when they had nothing to do with how the film or GQ portrayed things.

I sincerely wish you and A had come to the screening the other night. You would have been given a huge round of applause for being the people responsible for the float. I'm positive of that. But for whatever reason, you didn't come. I hope it wasn't because I didn't send you a personal invitation; the notice on MLN and my blog specified it was an open event.

Jeff, if you still want me to, I'll be happy post a detailed account of your son's efforts to create the float. Please let me know. FWIW, I really think A is a great kid with a bright future, and I sincerely hope he stays involved.

And thanks for everything you and A have done for the campaign. You can always be proud of creating what probably is the single most recognizable icon of the 2006 campaign cycle.

Anonymous said...

I just read all of the above, having been in Massachusetts most of the day yesterday and then pretending to care at an in-law party. Reading blogs is frowned upon at family events.

so ...WTF...
I, also, only read bits an pieces of the various blogs, catching up where I can (I have a job and am supposed to WORK most of the day). FWIW Here is what I can contribue:

I have never, to my knowledge, met dad or A. or mom or anyone else related to the design and construction of the Kiss Float.

However, I have always known who did it, why they did it, and offered credit when people asked me who and why.

In fact, I used it as a recruiting wedge to 15 and 16 year olds. {"Look what A. has done. What are YOU doing this weekend, ya shlub?")

I think there are two issues: Recognition for A. and Recognition by the Media for A.

With All Due Respect, if you want the "newspapers" and "television" and "hollywood[lite]" to profile A., I think you need to go to them, with a press release and photos and the video clips, which I am sure that everyone blogish will happily supply.

There seems to be a conlict within your house regarding fame/recognition. If it helps A. get into Yale of Harvard, lets get him letters of support from various and sundry and a video about you and A. and the others involved and don't trash the float.

There is a self-destructive element running through all these posts (MLN and the above). I have witnessed virtual love and tip of the hat towards A. (and you) for months and months. Let's not spoil this.

Sorry to be long winded, but I am.

cgg said...

This whole thing with the float is becoming silly. Dad this is not the way to go about getting the credit that your son deserves. It's time to stop and ask yourself what exactly you're trying to accomplish, and if your current actions will help you achieve what you're seeking.

Whining at Bob, Ed, and whomever else will listen doesn't do a thing for your son or the float's legacy. Perhaps it's time to consider other options.

SecretAgentDude said...

I have met Dad and A, and they're good guys, but what can we do at this point anyways?

SecretAgentDude said...

I think there's a lot to be (and has been) said for the creation of the float, but as many things, it went largely uncredited. I personally met A, and Dad, and furthered that story as well (isn't there a video of Dad talking about it somewhere on YouTube?), but I think it's a natural part of the large thing that a campaign has become. There's a whole lotta cooks in the kitchen, but hopefully, the food turns out alright in the end, and I think we were all able to make beautiful food.

One of the other most famous images from the campaign (Kos, DD, FDL, Bob, Lamont, CT, MLN listed) was the LieberCar in a handicapped parking spot. Almost a half-million hits on that image, I never really got any credit.. Video from major events, cutting, radio quotes, etc. Half of the Chris Dodd commercial shoot, and probably countless other things that I was able to work with, never credited.. so it really just comes back to the end product that we were able to create...!