Friday, December 29, 2006

Well deserved

Today Steve Gilliard of The News Blog announced his list of "The Winners of 2006", and I'm pleased to see our very own CT Blogger of ConnecticutBlog recognized for his outstanding work this year!
Juan Melli (of New Jersey) and CT Blogger - They do the dirty work of local and state poliitcs, which will never lead to glory or riches, but is needed because if you think federal government has problems.....these guys are heroes to me.
Truer words were never written!

The chorus of "huzzahs!" you hear is everyone in the Connecticut blogosphere joining in to congratulate CT Blogger for an outstanding year of service to his country, his state, and his hometown of Danbury (via Hat City Blog).

Well done indeed!


Anonymous said...

Huzzshs to CTBlogger and every one of his friends who had a role!!!!

I sent him the following Margaret Mead quote that I thought appropriate to revise for this special occasion...

"A small group of bloggers, equipped with video camera and the idea they could change the politics in CT, ended up changing the nation!"

Just as CTBlogger played tribute to his fellow bloggers, you should all feel very proud of what you accomplished this year.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Bob.

George F. Will recently wrote an editorial quoting Paine and Franklin, while damning bloggers with faint praise.

You are keeping the spirit of Paine and Franklin alive, in sharp contrast to boot licking toadies like George Will.

Keep up the good work!


CT Bob said...

Thanks ifthethunder-, but it's ConnecticutBLOG and it's creator and author CT Blogger who got the well-deserved kudos, not me.

Don't worry, I get my share of recognition. And the efforts I've seen CT Blogger put into this stuff puts me to shame, believe me!

Connecticut Man1 said...

ctblogger, spazeboy and yourself all deserve to take a bow for the way you have pushed the envelope in citizen journalism and video blogging.

This has shown how blogs can make a difference. Yes, you have to have the grassroots out there mobilizing for any of this to really work, BUT much of the organizing and coordination starts OR builds in the netroots now.

CT Bob said...

Thanks very much, CM1.

Hey, there's some discussion about getting a Drinking Liberally-type gathering together for monthly meetings. I'll keep you posted if anything comes of it.