Friday, December 15, 2006

"Blog Wars" Screening in Milford

Today I received my screener's copy of "Blog Wars".

It's a lot of fun!

But boy, we bloggers need to do something about our potty mouths! (Tim and Keith!)

We're going to schedule a public screening next Tuesday so anyone who was involved in or simply followed the campaign can see it before it airs on "The Sundance Channel", on December 28th and rerun on the 30th. Details below.

CT Keith is the undeniable star of the show, and deservedly so.

There's no shortage of Connecticut Bob, either; I can't tell you how fucking relieved I am that they didn't use the majority of footage that shows me looking silly.

And there was a LOT of it!

You get to see Spazeboy's hair change colors repeatedly in the course of sixty minutes!

Here's how YOU can attend the special, RSVP-only screening of "Blog Wars":

RSVP Required for admittance. You may bring friends, but you have to list them. Email me at:

to get on the list; the room is limited to 100 people, and there are a lot of people who want to see this, so sign up and get there early to guarantee admittance.

Date: Tuesday, December 19th

Time: 7:00PM Pre-screening cocktail party (bring some cocktails)
8:00 Screening

Place: Howard Johnson Lodge, 1052 Boston Post Road, Milford

Directions: I-95 North or South to Milford Exit 39A - stay right, hotel driveway on right. The "Harbor Room" is in the 2nd Building, ground floor.


SecretAgentDude said...

Woo Hoo! I expect to be on there a grand total of... zero times!

CT Bob said...

Sadly, it appears you're correct sir.

It's still a great flick. Hope to see you Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Does any one think as I do that Joe is going to be McCains running mate ?

CT Bob said...


Anonymous said...

Well I have been having the same feeling about Joe's posturing with McCain. Where is that report about his campaign funds?

Scarce said...

McCain is gunning for the Republican nod, and is going hard right. Lieberman has 0% chance on that ticket, no matter his Neocon roots.

ctkeith said...


McCain/Lieberman 08 is the unity ticket.As soon as McCain realizes he isn't getting the Republican nod it's going to happen.

cgg said...

I loved the movie, and can't wait to come to the party!

CT Bob said...

Thanks for hosting last night; that was really nice you went through so much last-minute effort! It was a fun night.

Anonymous said...

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