Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hey Joe, where's your apology?

Yes, Senator, I was one of those terrible awful bloggers that you so cavalierly accused of hacking your shitless website way back in August.

You remember, don't you?

The truth is out.

Today the Stamford Advocate reported this story.

From Blog Wars:

Just as we all knew, your website crashed not because of any nefarious web-attacks, but because out of all the millions and millions of lobbyists dollars you begged from your corporate sponsors, your vile and inept staff neglected to spend a few thousand a month to maintain a website that could handle the increased traffic that should have been expected going into the biggest election story of the summer.

So, you were wrong.

Hey, it happens to everyone sometimes.

But you haven't made a statement about the investigation's conclusion.

Whatever happened to taking responsibility? Whatever happened to accountability?

Whatever happened to your apology, Senator?

(I'm not holding my breath or anything. Lieberman is the original "never will admit a mistake" guy.)

CT Blogger has a nice video article about the incident.

Here's my interview with Richard Blumenthal on October 29th. It only took four months for them to figure out what we all knew.

I used to wonder why they never found Jon Benet's murderer...not any more.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I know you're not holding your breath on this one.... Joe has a lot of apologizing to do...starting with wanting to send more troops to die in a senseless war that even the military leaders are saying it's too late to save. He's as delusional as his idiot friend dubya!

How long to do you think it will be before he shows himself in CT again? I can't wait to see him dodging your questions on your new video camera if and when he does!!!!

gchaucer2 said...

Now it is time to ask Blumenthal and Kevin O'Connor to say exactly what they found to be the cause of the web collapse (not that we don't already know). Are they protecting their buddy or are they answerable to the citizens who pay their salaries? Blumenthal loves the camera, so time to take his picture and ask the big question.

CT Bob said...

You're right, of course. I'm going to contact Blumenthal's office and ask those questions.

gchaucer2 said...

Thanks, Bob. You, Kirby and your family, friends, and loyal fans -- Happy Holidays and great hunting for facts in the new year.

Anonymous said...

I witnessed joe exploit this bullshit in an address he gave to the TV crews long after it happened. Already a WEEK LATER and they were still exploiting it, it was the day he announced his new blog with comments anyone could post for all the world to see...

Anonymous said...

Joe is a whore. That's all.