Saturday, December 09, 2006

LA-2: Election Day

UPDATE: Tim reports from Louisiana at 7:17PM tonight that the situation is "Cautiously Optimistic". Polls close at 9PM (I'm assuming that's Central Time, so figure 10PM before we hear any returns) and he says "the Carter campaign HQ is full of life and energy. To be honest, most of my coverage from today is embargoed until after the polls close, but I have a good amount of turnout information I can share soon along with photos/video from the "War Room" that should give a very interesting peak into a side of campaigns most people never get to see."

Check (or here) for updates. It's great to see Tim involved in this campaign.

by Tim Tagaris, Sat Dec 09, 2006 at 08:21:43 AM EST. From

It seems like only yesterday we were throwing the corrupt bums out of office. Today the people of LA-2 have a chance to add another name to the litter while letting the FBI sort 'em out. Whatever your feelings are about Karen Carter (and despite some local blogger protestations, I like her), the people of this district deserve better than Congressman Jefferson. But honestly, whatever happens today, the Saints play the Cowboys tomorrow night on national television and I get the sense a whole hell of a lot more people down here care more about that result than the one this evening.

Frankly, recovering from the storm and the flood is going to take a lot more leadership than one representative can bring to the table. If we are to choose a path different than outright neglect it's going to have to come from someone with a bit more cache: presidential candidates maybe -- an incoming Speaker of the House. That said, I emailed all of the presidential candidate staffs about their bosses plans/committment to recovery in the region and only a few have responded (Dodd, Vilsack, Bayh, Kerry, and Richardson). The incoming Speaker's office was also prompt with information.  It's one of the follow-up pieces I'll have early next week in order to give time to the rest of the field to respond.

Here are some notes to keep on eye on this evening:
1.) There are rumors that some members of the CBC have sent staffers down to help Jefferson. I'll try and see what I can dig up on that.
2.) East Bank turnout vs. West Bank turnout and how many votes Carter is able to syphon away from the other side of the river.
3.) The racial divide.
4.) Are we going to see busses bringing people in to vote from outside the district. If we do in large numbers, advantage Jefferson.
5.) How many people stay both stay at home/vote for Jefferson in the hopes at getting another crack at him in two years, or sooner if he's no longer able to serve.

Finally, a question to you about how to cover the returns. I don't think the Carter campaign party is going to have internet access so there are two choices: Stay in my hotel room with immediate access to numbers and ability to update (or) go to the party, leave you to your own devices, and get photos and video up from the rally late night or tomorrow after my flight lands. Thoughts?

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