Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DeLay talks about blogging on Hardball

Tom DeLay was talking about blogging the other day, and I'm beginning to think he's spending too much time on the internet.

Here's a quote:

DeLay: "W00t! Totally pwned dude! Teh 1337 rulz! LOL!"

OK, maybe he didn't say that exactly, but we all know it's only a matter of time...

Here's a funny video of Tom on Hardball, with those "pop-up" comments of which I'm so fond.

Listen to DeLay's veiled threat about exposing "the real Barack Obama" at the very end of the video. There's something unsettling about Tom's smugness here (not that his smugness ISN'T disturbing any other time).


cgg said...

How many questions have you submitted so far?

ctblogger said...

I tivo'd DeLay's interview on hardball just for you but you beat me to the punch :-)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Olberman did a funny piece on Tom DeLays Blog. YouTube has it up:


Thought you might like this since you are following it.

CT Bob said...

cgg - I got distracted after my first, so I haven't posted anything more

ctblogger - thanks

cm1 - cool, k.o. rocks!

Anonymous said...

I find the poor deceased critter on Tom DeLay's head unsettling.

CT Bob said...

The good news is that if DeLay goes the prison, his robotic hairpiece can cut a deal with the prosecutor and get a suspended sentence.

Scarce said...


Dig it.