Saturday, December 16, 2006

A few more "Blog Wars" screen caps

Slow news day, coupled with general holiday business, prevented me from getting much done blog-wise today...

...but I did manage to grab a few more screen shots from the flick, and I posted a picture I took at the bottom.

Don't forget to reserve your spot for the special advance screening of Blog Wars this coming Tuesday. Email me at:

and let me know how many are coming. For more details like time and directions, click HERE.

This is kind of a cool image, featuring four bloggers (or three bloggers and a kid) pretending to "blog" for the camera. Trust me, not one person in this picture is actually typing real stuff. That's how it works in Hollywood, you know. It's all fake.

But we're not in Hollywood. So figure THAT out!

Me and Maura after I taped Senators Lieberman and Boxer in Norwalk; the semi-famous "You're not going to stop, are you" moment.

Our Moment of Zen - me filming Will James filming the Kiss float, that ended up in the film. Wow, man.


spazeboy said...

That is so not Will. It's James! Will has the spiky hair that looks like Crono from the SquareSoft RPG Chrono Trigger (illustration here).

CT Bob said...

Wow dude, you are SO right!

Well, it's still somewhat Zen-ish.

ctkeith said...

Thats not just any Kid .Thats my Daughter Michaella and she types 20 times faster than her dad and just got a $300 video camera from me and my wife for christmas.

Daddy's little girl got a camera which means no politician in Ct is safe,lol.

CT Bob said...

Keith, that's awesome! We need more video bloggers out there; there's always plenty of stuff to cover, and having a few cameras at the bigger events would be great! She looks like she's gonna be a force to be reckoned with.

spazeboy said...

Bob, isn't that green shirt your work uniform?

CT Bob said...


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