Sunday, March 18, 2007

Courant covers Anti-war rally in Hartford

Yesterday at least 1,000 and possibly 1,500 people showed up on a freezing, snow-covered day to express their support for getting our troops out of Iraq and ending our involvedment in the civil war there.

The Hartford Courant Associated Press (apparently the Courant was busy Saturday, so they used an AP story to cover the event) has a detailed account about the rally, linked in it's entirety below. The lack of a counter-demonstration shows how unified Connecticut is in its opposition to the war.

People often ask me how the hell Joe Lieberman managed to get reelected.

I'll never understand it, myself.
1,500 Rally In City To Oppose Iraq War
Local Event Part Of National Effort To Pressure For Troop Withdrawals
March 18, 2007 - By STEPHANIE REITZ, Associated Press

More than 1,000 anti-war demonstrators rallied Saturday at Hartford's Old State House, adding their voices to nationwide protests as the Iraq war enters its fifth year.

The demonstration, organized by the Connecticut Opposes the War coalition, drew buses full of college students and suburban activists into downtown Hartford despite the day's brisk temperatures and sloppy post-storm conditions.

"That is why we are here in the cold and snow - because we care," said state Rep. Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden, who held up a letter signed by 177 Connecticut legislators urging an end to the Iraq conflict.


At Hartford's Old State House, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd-District, vowed to the cheering crowd that she would "work my heart out" to push for legislation to curtail war spending and start bringing troops home.

The war, she said, is "a mistake of gigantic proportions."

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd, a Democratic presidential candidate, was campaigning in New Hampshire, but sent a letter of support that DeLauro read aloud to the approximately 1,500 people in attendance.


Although people held opposing rallies to support the administration at some other events nationwide, no counter-protesters came forward or made their presence known at Saturday's event in Hartford.

Gregory Spear, a member of the coalition that organized the rally, said they hope to convince U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent, and U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4th District, to reconsider their support of the Bush administration on the war.

Boos rang out from the demonstrators when both lawmakers' names were mentioned. The loudest were reserved for Lieberman, who won re-election to his seat as an independent candidate over anti-war Democratic candidate Ned Lamont.

U.S. Rep. John Larson, D-1st District, encouraged people who attended Saturday's rally to continue to make their opinions known.

"America has found its voice, in large part because of you," he told the crowd. "Now let's have Congress find its voice."
Great coverage of the rally by Tessa is now online at My Left Nutmeg, and I'm sure we'll see additional local blogs reporting as the day goes on.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it was an AP article. The Courant didn't bother to send anyone.

CT Bob said...

Good point. You know, I didn't recognize the reporter's name, so it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The counter protest showed up firm and proud in Washington, DC.

4 years into an unpopular war, and look at all th grey hairs you get. Congrats.

CT Bob said...

I heard there were a small amount of counter-protesters compared to the anti-war crowd.

I can't imagine many of the corporate fat-cats who actually profit from the war would bother to show up. Their shame is too great.

Anonymous said...

Bob...I am dismayed as you are with LIEbermans win here in CT but with so many of the Repugs voting for his sorry ass it shouldn't surprise you at all.

Great Blog BTW


Anonymous said...

What about the 1/3 of democrat vote that went to Lieberman and more than half of the independant.

PamB said...

Anonymous said...
What about the 1/3 of democrat vote that went to Lieberman and more than half of the independant.

Isn't it sad when you try and have pride in your state, to know that there are still so many people who remain un-informed, naive, gullible, easily led.

I met some of these while I stood at the polls last November, had no idea what they hell they were even talking about.

Anonymous said...

"I met some of these while I stood at the polls last November, had no idea what they hell they were even talking about."

Thats what the mnajority of CT thought about funny

Anonymous said...

We are with you in spirit here in Ohio

Kucinich stepping up to, but not over, impeachment line

Kucinich: no compromise

Anacampserote said...

"The Courant didn't bother to send anyone."

Makes you wonder especially since I know first hand of at least two people who called and offered to cover the event for The Courant (with no guarantee of publication) at no charge for the simple experience and they were promptly shut down.