Friday, March 09, 2007

Fox "hounded" out of debate

Yes, I know what you're thinking.

And you're right...I really should get a job writing headlines for the New York Post!

It's obvious that I have a rare gift for witty yet ironic wordcraft.

Anyway, good news in that the Dems figured out that letting Fox News run a Democratic debate would be like letting (all together now) "the fox watch the hen house"!

So today Harry Reid and the Nevada Dems decided they'd had enough of Fox after Fox-president Roger Ailes made some jokes that at best belittle the Democratic party candidates, and at worst play into the hands of staunch right wingers.

From Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films email:
Today, Senator Harry Reid and the Nevada Democratic Party announced they would drop a FOX-sponsored debate scheduled for August - citing FOX President Roger Ailes remarks last night that compared Barack Obama to Osama Bin Laden as the final straw.

"We hope this sets a precedent for all Democrats - that FOX should be treated as a right-wing misinformation network, not legitimized as a neutral source of news," said Eli Pariser, Executive Director of Civic Action. "John Edwards, Harry Reid, the Nevada Democratic Party, and grassroots progressives across the nation deserve credit for standing up to Fox's right-wing agenda."


Anonymous said...

What WERE these Dems thinking?

CT Bob said...

I'm not sure, but I do like the trend towards freezing Fox News out of access to Democrats until their coverage truly begins to approach "fair and balanced".

BushCo has done the exact same thing for years to journalists whom they see as being a bit too aggressive in their coverage, so fuck 'em!

Anonymous said...

After watching Neil Cavutos' interview with Exxon Mobils' Lee Raymond last year and his justification of their record breaking [rape and pillage] profits. I knew then that Fox was cultivating their audience like mushrooms; keep them in the dark and feed them Shit!! I won't watch them anymore.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, except it appears that Fox's audience really LOVES the taste of shit! Their ratings prove that Darwinism can work going the other way, too.