Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jane & Marcy wrap up the Libby trial

The video blogging provided by PoliticsTV.Com has been nothing short of phenomenal; and Fire Dog Lake's coverage of the trial, especially the videos by Jane Hamsher and Marcy Wheeler, have been detailed yet understandable. Plus, the videos have really brought out the drama from the trial; the lack of cameras in the courtroom has provided an opportunity for vbloggers to become part of the must-read coverage of the trial.

All things must end, and the "Plame House" gang will be heading back to their various home bases. Well done!


Bergs said...

the team of FDL really did an excellent job. It was like watching the court case on TV, reading what was going on. Without this coverage, we would have been dependent on the limited amount given by the media each evening, and whatever slant they wanted to give it.

CT Bob said...

Their coverage was indeed beyond awesome. It really helped clarify a lot of the little details that were routinely ignored by the monolithic media.