Thursday, November 20, 2008

Department of Not Too Early

Here is an interesting early analysis of 2010 Senate seats.

CT is considered "potentially competitive" -- here's the scoop from them on Dodd:
I struggled mightily with this one. After all, Connecticut is a solidly blue state, and the GOP’s best shot, Governor Jodi Rell, is likely not running. But it is hard to ignore the Countrywide scandal hovering over his head, and it is likewise hard to ignore his upside-down 43-46 approval rating. If the GOP can find a credible candidate – no small task – it could make a race out of this.
Would Shays entertain a run?


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about the Republican party. They didnt have a problem dragging some one out of the Casino who owed his soul to the Pequot Nation to run against Lieberman. Easy. It's plain to see he owes them a thing or two now.Let Joe worry about it. Maybe Harry doesnt get it but Joe still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Besides, he owes them. J.C. Sr.

Anonymous said...

I read an interesting comment by Christopher Orr on the TNR site today. He points out that this forgiveness may not be just be about keeping Lieberman's vote. Obama may want to make peace with McCain and allow him to resume his maverick ways as a possible pick-up vote for the Democrats.
By letting Joe keep his chair, Obama doesn't punish him for his loyalty to McCain, which McC would appreciate.
Notice also that there are rumors about Obama bringing Arizona governor Janet Napolitano into his cabinet. Term limits prevent her from another stint as Governor, so a Senate bid would have been a natural move. Her joining Obama's cabinet would remove a major challenger to McCain's reelection bid.
see original at

CT Bob said...

I'm sure Shays, Simmons, or one of the lesser R's will step up against Dodd, especially if the Countrywide thing has legs. Hopefully the investigation will conclude quickly and find that nothing unethical was done, but I'm not particularly hopeful.

CT Bob said...

J.C., I almost get the impression that Schlesinger ran on his own, not at all with the GOP's endorsement. In fact, establishment R's like Rell pretty much tried to get him to stand down. The GOP was in Lieberman's camp well before the May 2006 Republican convention.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the charmer they ran against Lieberman the last time: Philip Giordano, convicted child molester.

CT Bob said...

How can I forget him? I voted for him!

(long story)

Back in 2000, I was upset with JoeLie that he was running simultaneously for Veep and Senate. Going into the 2000 election there was a 50-50 split in the Senate, and had Joe been reelected to Senate while actually winning the VP slot, Gov. Rowland would have appointed a Republican to fill his seat when vacated.

I was incensed that Lieberman would be so selfish as to give away a Senate seat so he could play it safe. Remember, the Gore/Lieberman ticket was considered almost a sure thing at the time!

So I decided to vote for Gore/Lieberman for Pres/VP, and because I didn't know at the time you could simply not vote for someone on a different line, I cast the only vote in my life for a Republican, who happened to be Giordano, the (future convicted) child molester!

That taught me something about voting Republican!

And it taught me that you can never trust Joe Lieberman to do the right thing if his own political interests are in the way.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. You do realize that this admission will forever prevent you running for office? Your opponents, especially if they are Repos, will smear you as a baby-rape supporter. Maybe any candidate you ever support will also be smeared with this guilt by association. Time to apologize to Jim Himes now for screwing up his career. Truth and logic have no place in politics. ;›)

CT Bob said...

LOL. If that's the worst they can pin on me, I got off easy!

Bob Symmes said...

I remember it like it was yesterday. (Actually better, as I can't remember yesterday), but I digress.

Schesinger was a fill-in pick, the R's were clinging to a slim hope he'd get little scrutiny because of his chances, but also that he might get a boost from Rell.

But when Joey baby showed up at the prom without a date, they began drooling at the possibility of giving him their endorsement (Nothing in the CT GOP rules against endorsing a non-R). Two problems, though: (1) Schesinger had to step aside, and (2) Lieberman would have to give assent.

When the first didn't happen, the Republicans simply froze him out, and gave "guerilla support" to their (now) preferred candidate.