Saturday, November 08, 2008

What it Means to be a LIEbercrat

OK, Let's get this straight. Is Joey a Democrat or not?
  • He ran as the vice presidential candidate for the Democratic party
  • When he lost the D primary for his Senate seat fair and square, he ran against the Democratic party's nominee -- it wasn't convenient to be a Democrat then.
  • When he won re-election to the Senate, largely with Republican support, it was convenient for him to be a D because he had a committee chairmanship on Homeland Security.
  • When he could get lots of attention from the media and be fawned over by the Rs, he attacked Obama, cast his lot with McCain and did a lot of the dirty work McCain wouldn't even do. He knew he would get more attention and a prime-time speaking slot at the R convention, not so much the Ds.
  • And NOW, according to Politico, unless Harry Reid guarantees the chairmanship of Homeland Security, Joey is going to take his votes and go home -- to the Republican caucus.
WTF? Why is anyone even considering allowing this worm in the Democratic caucus for the 111 Congress? And why isn't state central kicking him out on his sorry ass ASAP? Decisions have consequences. It's time for consequences to rain from the heavens on Joey's sorry head.

It's people like Joe LIEberman that allow bumper stickers like Bob saw yesterday to happen. Shame on you, Joe LIEberman. Shame.


Anonymous said...

you misread the politico article; it just talked about a lot of different scenarios.

fuzzyturtle said...

thought you might get a kick out of this poll

I guess nobody loves Joe, not even emo Livejournal (I'm not entirely sure everyone who took the poll is old enough to vote, and they CERTAINLY cant' all vote in CT.. but they don't like our droopy Senator)

Anonymous said...

Kirby's reading and her interpretation are correct. The ambiguity is caused by the Lieberman aide, who is lying through his teeth. Many other reliable news reports contradict him.

tinyurl links are considered by many internet security experts to be unsafe because the real destination is concealed. My firewall blocks tinyurls by default. When you post the full URL, I will be happy to look at it.

Oaktown Girl said...

oldswede - tack sa mycket for the info on tiny url's. I'm a low tech person, so these kinds of tips are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

After reading the post about that repulsive bumper sticker, I was extremely saddened to hear president obama once more call for bipartisan action on the mess he has inherited. Once again DESTROY what is left of the republicans. If allowed to survive they will only obstruct. There is no way to work with them, they need to go away, forever. We should never expose the country to the possibility of them regaining power. on another note, Bob should have posted the guys license plate#. He is making threats and needs to be dealt with.

CT Bob said...

Once again, I think we need a strong, but moderate Republican party. The entire foundation of our government works best based on a two-party system. We should encourage them to find consensus on a common-sense, moderately conservative platform rather than try to appeal to the extreme fundie/fascist far right.

And I think that the guy with the hateful bumper sticker isn't the cause of the GOP's extremism; he's a symptom of it. I think he poses no threat personally, but is simply a result of the hate rhetoric by the far-right howlers of their party. We need to help them get back to a responsible mindset.

If that's possible.