Monday, November 10, 2008

Here they are, all in one place

It seems there are still plenty of Lieberman apologists out there.

Harry Reid can be temporarily excused because he's trying to keep his options open in case lightning strikes and we hit that magical number "59" in the Senate and need Joe to caucus with us to reach a super-majority.

Not that anyone who watches the actions of Joe Lieberman with a cold eye towards reality would doubt that the Democrats could count on him to stand with them in anything really important, such as turning over the security responsibilities of the Iraq war to the Iraqi government.

So his potential "vote" means essentially shit, except in a theoretical way; like the way time supposedly slows down as you approach the speed of light. I'm sure it does, but that doesn't mean I'll only age 10 minutes on a flight from Newark to California. I'll still have to attempt to sleep in an awful coach airline seat for five hours; which as everyone knows, IS a theoretical impossibility.

But anyway, in case anyone out there still has difficulty understanding why we dislike Joe Lieberman so much, there is a list that this blog's godmother, Jane Hamsher over at FireDogLake (link), has compiled in a much more coherent and understandable way than I ever could.

Although, Harry Reid is severely trying my patience when he says ridiculous things like, "Joe Lieberman is not some right-wing nutcase...Joe Lieberman is one of the most progressive people ever to come from the state of Connecticut."

Obviously Harry Reid has never met anyone else from Connecticut!


And now for something completely different...


I'm starting a new attraction here at, where I'll include a surprise "Super Mystery Bonus Feature" at the end of some articles. These will consist of surprise videos, images, quotes, observations, cartoons, and other stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the article but nonetheless will usually consist of something interesting, amusing, or annoying (depending on my mood).

Here's the first Super Bonus Feature - a video of Joe Scarborough saying "fuck you" in the first 5 seconds without even knowing it. What potty mouths those nasty Republicans possess!

Watch it and enjoy the startled reactions, the lying excuses, and the short memories of these dummies. It's hysterical!


Anonymous said...

For another special bonus feature, you could link to today's NYT profile of Jim Himes: "Bull-headed and a Rhodes Scholar . . . ."
Link -

CT Bob said...

Good article, thanks.

Anonymous said...

has it ever occurred to you that harry reid might know lieberman a bit better than you?