Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will Dan Malloy run?

The race for the Democratic nomination for governor got a little more exciting last weekend when Sec. of State Susan Bysiewicz pretty much alluded to the likelihood that she'll probably throw her hat into the ring. In addition to outgoing Speaker Jim Amann, who is already running, and the possible inclusion of Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, it might be a somewhat crowded field.

Enter Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy.

Back in August on the night of Jim Himes's primary victory over "ol' what's-'er-name?", I interviewed Dan Malloy about his possible run for governor. Here's what he told me:

So Dan...you said it takes two years for a Democrat to run, and it's right before Thanksgiving. How'd you like to give your ol' buddy Connecticut Bob an early Christmas gift?

A "scoop" makes the ideal present for a blogger!


Anonymous said...

Russian analyst: usa to break up. Only a matter of time. Yes WE are waiting for the glorious day.

CT Bob said...

Comrade, you really need to stop sniffing glue; it's making you type crazy shit.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Republicans applaude as Obama appoints Bush choice, Gates as Sec. of Defense.

Oh wait...that's true!
Some stuff is so surprising ....well you just can't make this stuff up!

CT Bob said...

I know.

It's so very rare for a politician to make a campaign promise such as saying he's "going to work with people from both parties", and then he actually follows through on it!

That, my friend, is a very clear example of change!

Chris MC said...

In the meantime, I refer you to my comments on the subject on MLN.