Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sen. Dorgan considers Lieberman unacceptable

Via DailyKos
Senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota pretty much came out against Lieberman keeping his chairmanship of Homeland Security this morning on Fox News Sunday:

"As a chairman of one of our significant committees in the Senate, not just going off and supporting a presidential candidate of the other side but also criticizing the candidate on our side, and also involving himself in a couple of senate races on the other side. The question is, is that acceptable? The answer is no."
More and more senators are expressing their displeasure at Joe Lieberman's actions over the last year, even though some of them are couching their reasons in very careful language so as not to offend their Senate colleagues. But they are basically letting the voters know how they feel.

Which is much better than what our own Sen. Chris Dodd has been saying about his "friend" Joe Lieberman. Dodd is adamant that Lieberman be allowed to keep his Homeland Security Chair, even though many local Democrats are calling for his ouster. Chris Dodd fails to understand that we elected him to make decisions based on harsh realities, not for personal reasons. Joe Lieberman did everything he possibly could to insult and disparage our President-Elect, and he tried to put a clearly dangerous ticket in power. We're suddenly supposed to forgive him?

Let me make this clear: I don't care one little bit if Joe Lieberman is Chris Dodd's "friend". In fact, I generally detest it when senators talk about what "great friends" they all are. All too often, when politicians make decisions based on personal loyalties, the people suffer for it.

Chris, if you want to pal around with Joe, by all means take him and Haddasah out to dinner at a nice restaurant sometime, your treat. Go bowling with him on weekends. Join the Elks Club together.

But please, don't put him in charge of the most powerful committee in the Senate because you're "friends". If you want a friend Chris, get a goddamned dog.

But please make your decisions based on the realities involved. How many times does Joe have to betray you and our party before you will speak against him?


Anonymous said...

you dont like joe because you believed he betrayed you as a democrat... thats personal. that contradicts what youre saying.

CT Bob said...

No it doesn't.

Lieberman claimed to be a Democrat at the Republican National Convention and then went on to bash Barack Obama and try to get McCain elected. That's a contradiction.

Imagine if Sen. Chuck Hagel spoke at the Democratic Convention, said McCain was bad for America, and supported Democrats Mark Begich and Al Franken against Republican senators. How would the GOP react?

Lieberman is a Republican but he won't say so because he's much more valuable to the GOP by pretending to be a Democrat while doing everything he can to destroy the party.

It's not personal. I'm sure Joe Lieberman is a fun guy at parties. I'd love to do tequila shooters with him. I just happen to despise his politics and find his influence dangerous to our nation.

Anonymous said...

the 4th part was almost as funny as the 5th. if he was trying to destroy the democrats he wouldnt have given them the majority and he wouldnt vote with the dems, as he usually does.

Anonymous said...

A level-headed response.


CT Bob said...

"...he wouldnt have given them the majority..."

Holy crap! You really don't understand any of this, do you?

Lieberman WANTED the chair of the HSC, and the only way he was gonna get it after the Democratic majority took over in early 2007 was to agree to caucus with the Dems.

Listen, I appreciate that you're a big Joe Lieberman fan, but your lame-assed justifications for his actions don't hold any water. You can whine all you want about how great he is; it doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

...and you can whine all you want about how terrible he is; it doesnt make it true. your crusade against lieberman is rooted in propaganda. if you look at the facts, hes very liberal on social issues. he really isnt a republican or even a conservative. he isnt a tool of the democratic party and has a mind for himself.

CT Bob said...

Liberal on social issues like Plan B emergency contraception? Liberal on social issues like the right to die (Terri Schiavo)? Liberal on social issues like wanting government censorship of video games? Get real and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

(I always wonder what the Kool-Aid people think of that pejorative?)

Anonymous said...

lets see pro-choice, proposed the greatest environmental bill in US history, has gotten F's from the NRA, for affirmative action, voted against a constitutional ban of gay marriage, is one of the best senators for Darfur, voted against making flag burning a crime.... yeah thats a liberal.

CT Bob said...

Cheney Energy Bill, Kyl-Lieberman Bill, FISA, Cloture on Sam Fox, Gang of 14, Bush cheerleader, warmonger, spoke at the RNC...yeah, that's a GOPer.

Bob Symmes said...

"I don't argue with an idiot. Those listening might get confused as to which one is the idiot." -- Mark Twain

CT Bob said...

But it's fun!

Anonymous said...

before we end this, id just like to add that the gang of 14 was 7 republicans, 6 democrats, and 1 lieberman, so its not accurate to label it republican.

Bob Symmes said...

The only positive thing I'll say about Lieberman is that he isn't afraid to state his case...unlike persons who hide behind anonymity. Note there's NO transparency behind my posts here. Most posters don't go to the extremes as have I; but at least we can discuss our issues & arguments intelligently OFF THE BLOG.

I'm sorry, Anonymous, but until you grow some cojones and create a Blogger account, your posts -- honest & (maybe) considerable though they may be -- ain't worth (as my Dad would put it) a fly's fart in a hurricane.