Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The morning after

The result of too much Jagermeister and extremism.

Major kudos to the artist Zina Saunders, for this and many other snarky works.


Anonymous said...

Close your eyes and vision this. A few years back I used to have a favorite blog named AfatoldjewishguywholivedinaprojectintheBronx or something like that.I lost him and I cant get him back. He used to have a large header which was the map of the U.S. The blue section he called The United States. The red section he called Dumd F--kistan. After looking at that map so many times on CNN today with the insertion of blue New Mexico and Colorado. Oooch. It got a wedgie. J.C., Sr.

CT Bob said...

I've seen that same concept in an image, but it was a shot at the GOT fundies, and they called it "JesusLand". The east and west coasts were the same color as Canada, and was called the "United States of Canada".

Kirby said...

Fabulous illustrations!