Tuesday, November 18, 2008

While your teeth are clenched.....

...remember that with Franken and Begich ahead and one more seat to go in Georgia, the number 60 is closer than ever.

And, while many of us have questioned Obama's strategy on various things in the past, he did win the primaries and the election, so maybe he knows something that we don't. Maybe he is the one person with something over on LIEberman.

Otherwise, I think Joey must have pictures of many D Senators in very compromising positions. Let's hear it for the People's Republic of Vermont! Lahey and Saunders put their vote on our side.


UPDATE: (Bob) Video of Ned Lamont discussing the vote on MSNBC tonight.


Bob Symmes said...

So much for growing cojones -- wanna takes bets on how long he'd last in the 'thug caucus pulling the same shit?

Joe's gotta know he's got NO chance in CT to get re-elected, so he's been given a green light to roam wherever he wants. The ultimate Dr. Strangelove picture of Slim Pickens riding an ICBM.

On the OTHER hand we now have a job to do: we must hold the fire to his feet by highlighting his inevitable travels to support the idiot and obstructionist Rethugs still standing, and get that message to the voters.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Joe's gotta know he's got NO chance in CT to get re-elected,

Independents tend to like him and he's not up for years anyway; besides voters tend to have short memories.

If we cross-endorsed him; who would you guys run that could take him?

Not that we would - but the thought of watching all of you turn purple might make such an idea quite favorable in most Republican circles.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree. Having the GOP endorse Joe in 2012 would absolutely make us crazy. I'd almost like to see it happen just because we'd have a great time blogging up a storm!

But Joe will have had four years to screw things up sufficiently to wreck any chances of election. I don't think he can fool everybody for that long.

Having Joe retain his chair isn't the worst thing that could have happened this month by a long shot. I'll take the huge gains we made in both houses along with the White House, and be satisfied to let Joe have his smug little moment of victory. Who knows? Maybe he'll even see the error of his ways.

Anonymous said...

on a different note, stevens lost. just thought id be the first on this blog to report it.

Anonymous said...

Denis Horgan's blog today is a call to Ned Lamont to take on Chris Dodd:
"Calling Ned Lamont.
Aim for 2010, Ned. Chris Dodd has shown his true colors — Lieberman Red. Let’s get Ned to run against this season’s anti-Democrat: Chris Dodd."

CT Bob said...

Yeah anonymous, that kind of got lost in the Lieberman vote. Which I feel contributed to the Dems' strategy today.

As for Stevens, yeah he lost, but also Begich won by more than 1/2 percent, so if Stevens wants a recount, he'd have to pay for it. I think Ted's gonna need the money for his appeal.

It's time to wave goodbye to Ted "Intertubes" Stevens!

Let Joe Stay said...

Gee wiz, Ned Lamont has got to move on. Even John Kerry has moved on from 2004. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont always was, always will be a tool. As a Dem I will never vote for him so he better not run again.