Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waiting for results

8:39PM - waiting around for results.

The crowd is growing, and it's getting louder in here. People are clapping and cheering as they hear states going for Obama.

On the spot reports for Channel 3.


Anonymous said...

You're a celebrity in Pa. too. Whole bunches of Conn. people here in Scranton today canvassing with a bunch of NYers. You were mentioned as a favorite blog a couple times.
Very cool.
Loooong day, but very interesting. We got shipped out to the small towns surrounding Scranton, the home of those supposed disaffected Hillary voters. Not one McCain-Palin cavasser. Their office in Scranton was quiet with one or two cars in front of it, while we had cars parked for blocks and blocks and buses. We saw three different groups of canvassers on the edge of our map as we worked.
We had little old ladies and really tough looking redneck guys on the street saying "I hope he wins." I had one guy in camouflage walking his pitbull yell out "Let's go Barack!!!"
I am exhausted, but I think it was a good day.
(I am a much better canvasser now, and with my Conn. friends from today -- Droopy Dog better beware in 2012)

CT Bob said...

Great to hear from you tonight! It's fun, but boy I'll be glad when it's over! Go Dems!