Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Joe Must Go (again)

I commented upon Scarce's article about Rachel Maddow, the "Smartest Woman on TV", and decided to expand my reasoning here.

The Senate Democrats are setting themselves up for failure and a resultant loss of seats in 2010 if they think by keeping Lieberman they'll get anything done they wouldn't have if they fired him from his Chair.

Here's what I see happening:

* They forgive and forget Joe's actions and let him stay.
* The Democrats somehow reach 60 seats with Joe included.
* Joe votes to torpedo any useful legislation by the Senate.
* Public opinion drops into the low-single digits.
* Every GOPer running for Senate wins in 2010.
* The 111th Congress becomes a sad footnote to the history of Democratic failure.
* Lieberman begins enthusiastically campaigning for Palin2012 starting on November 3rd, 2010.

You don't need a crystal ball to see how it's gonna go.

OK, now here's a different scenario that might happen if the Democrats have any (metaphorical) balls:

* The Democrats strip Joe of his chair and his seniority.
* Joe quits the Democratic caucus, and either goes GOP or retires and lets Rell appoint a GOPer replacement; it doesn't matter.
* The Democrats don't have enough seats to break the endless string of Republican filibusters that obstruct any useful legislation.
* Public opinion of the Republicans drops to zero as the world sees through their partisan chicanery and realizes they are bull-headed obstructionists.
* In 2010, every single Democrat running for Senate wins.
* We end up with a 60+ majority in the Senate and the GOP is irretrievably damaged.
* In 2012, Barack Obama wins on the strength of all the positive change that occurred during the 112th Congress as a result of the strong Democratic Senate.

I dunno about you, but I like the latter scenario better.


Anonymous said...

Or use the third scenario, with such a large mandate and majorities OUTLAW the gop forever. The RICO statutes would be very useful. Dems please be brave please be bold please do it for the world's sake. Think of the misery if they ever got power back.

CT Bob said...

Dude, what is your problem with the GOP, other than their shitty leadership?

Again, we NEED a two party system, and a moderate GOP would be a GOOD thing. Why the fuck are you wasting your time posting such stupid comments, instead of contributing anything useful? Please go away.

Or better yet, start your OWN fucking blog! Send me the link and I'll put it in the links section. But don't keep posting such nonsense here. Nobody's interested.