Saturday, December 23, 2006

An apology from Joe, and some accountability

That’s all I want for Xmas.

Sen. Lieberman has so far been mum on the Attorney General’s finding that Ned Lamont’s staff and supporters weren’t responsible for his website taking a huge dump on itself the day before the Primary.

Why doesn’t that surprise me?

While the good Senator said nothing, his faithful minions seem plenty willing to jabber endlessly about the results of the investigation.

In today’s Stamford Advocate, Lieberman spokesdouche Dan Gerstein said,
“We had very good reason to believe at the time that there had been a deliberate effort to disable it."
Then, effectively throwing his former webmaster under the bus, he continued with,
"Our Web site consultant assured us in the strongest terms possible that we had been attacked again.”
That would be Dan Geary, head of Nevada-based Geary Co. Advertising. On Thursday, Geary stood by his company's initial report about an attack on Lieberman's site.
"The campaign said what they said after we reported what we felt was happening," Geary said. "Our contention was to let the law enforcement folks make a determination . . . as opposed to a lifelong technical discussion in the blogosphere, where everyone is their own expert on what happened or might have happened."
Ah, so basically you’re saying that something bad happened, and before you knew what caused it, you called the authorities and said that they should figure it out for you.

If that’s the case, then WHY all the screaming about Lamont’s camp CAUSING the website outage?

Could it simply have been a convenient way to attack Ned while covering up your own incompetence?

There are absolutely laws against these kinds of false charges.

In addition to filing a fraudulent report with the authorities, there may also be the issue of defrauding the government (and the taxpayers) of the cost of this four-month investigation. As more information is revealed, not only will the extent of their culpability be exposed, but it will be added onto other real scandals, such as the missing 1/3 of a million falsely categorized as “petty cash”.

In continuing with their excellent reportage of this story, The Advocate has filed Freedom of Information requests with both the Attorney General and the FBI seeking more information on the investigations.

Accountability is the key here. If we back down in our fight to bring Senator Lieberman to account for his actions, we would be giving tacit approval to the continued culture of corruption that exists inside the Beltway.

And that, I fear, would be like getting a lump of coal in my Xmas stocking.


CaptCT said...

Brian Lockhart of the Stamford Advocate has been doing a great job with this story. Good job, Brian. And thank you.

Brian's coverage of the Lamont-Lieberman race was also far better than the Times' or the Currant's coverage, for the most part, although he never really looked into the petty cash story.

The nice thing about this post is that it give kudos — and some national attention via the blogosphere — to a city reporter who did a good job.

After a while, city reporters will come to understand that they can have a big impact on national events by good reporting at the local level. It used to be more common for city news reporters -- like Jimmy Breslin of New York and Mike Royko of Chicago -- to make national news. But today, you have a lot of up-and-coming reporters who aspire to cover "Washington," where there is no news. The big stories happen close to home.

Now, if we could get Lockhart or some other reporter to go after the petty cash story, that would be nice. I sent an email to him back in November asking him to look into the petty cash story. So far, nothing. But maybe when he sees the reach of his reporting of the hacking story, he'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

do you believe in aliens too? This is hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad that the Advocate is filing FOIA requests for these files, but my guess is it will be a long time before they see light of day. I'm sure there's some national security concern that they can cook up to keep them secret.

CaptCT said...

"This is hillarious?" By "this," do you mean that you can't spell hilarious, or do you mean something else?

If you have a criticism to make, try to be a little clearer in what you're critizing.

Anonymous said...

i think the reference to aliens made it pretty clear... but hey, some people like yourself are not too good with subtletly... the lamontster bloggers crack me up. you are all a bunch of tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory chasing wackos, obsessed with the primary, and incapable of letting go. and i love it! keep chasing crap like this that no one cares about, waste your time, rev up the energy in the echo chamber! don't you realize your talking to yourselves?

CT Bob said...

I'm glad you love it, Anon, 'cause there's going to be plenty of it in the coming months. Your hero Joe Lieberman will have to answer to his playing fast and loose with the election laws.

Or do you not mind corruption from the highest levels of government? If you're so glad to see your tax dollars thrown away, then you won't mind clicking on that PayPal donation button on the top right side of the page.

Because obviously, you've got money to burn.

And don't forget your New Year's Resolution - click on! They need volunteers like yourself to fill the extra 30-70,000 troops that Joe wants to send over to Iraq.

Funny how none of the new volunteers are related to Joe...

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Bob! & Kirby too!
I spotlighted an article over at FDL on this subject. I suggest this coming New Year we try and make sure our local press pushes for the truth. (No more free PR for HoJoe).

CT Bob said...

Same to you, Mui! Yeah, we've got to keep the pressure on.