Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dodd hires Kerry hotshot

In today's Hartford Courant, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd has signed Kerry campaign manager Jim Jordan as an advisor.

It seems that Chris Dodd is getting serious about a potential presidential run.
Dodd Snares Former Kerry Adviser For Presidential Bid
4:27 PM EST, December 21, 2006
By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Christopher Dodd Thursday snared a big Democratic name to help with his possible presidential campaign, as Jim Jordan, one of John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign managers, signed on as a top adviser.

Jordan, 45, said he will be "helping Sen. Dodd make the decision" whether or not to seek the presidency. Jordan, who's well-known in Washington political circles for his outspoken--and intensely partisan--style, had been advising former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner before Warner decided recently not to seek the White House.

Dodd plans to decide next month on a White House bid, but by adding Jordan to his team, sends a strong signal he is seriously leaning toward a bid...


Matt said...

Hands up if you think this is a positive development.

Anonymous said...

Has Jordon got any POSITIVE references?

I'm just hoping Dodd doesn't hire Occhiogrosso.

Anonymous said...

dodd wont win.