Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another champion of the First Amendment struggle

CT Blogger over at ConnecticutBLOG posted this recap of the Ken Krayeske Legal Defense fundraiser last week, along with his excellent video:

Friends show love for Krayeske at fundraiser

Friends and colleagues of freelance journalist/blogger Ken Krayeske showed their support for Connecticut's public enemy number one at a legal defense fundraiser held in his honor last Friday night.

As you know, Krayeske was arrested at Governor Rell's inaugural parade by the state police after his name was plastered on a "secret threat list", placed in jail, held on 75,000 bond, and was later released (after the governor's inaugural ball was over) on a promise to appear in court.

Krayeske's arrest has sparked outrage with columnists, talk radio hosts, journalists, bloggers, and politicians expressing their anger and disbelief over the entire affair.

Knowing that if something like this can happen to Krayeske, it could happen to anyone including bloggers (gulp), I decided to pack up my gear and make the trip to the fundraiser at La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House and Bookstore. I had to know more about the most dangerous man in Connecticut and who better to interview than the people who know him best.

Here's my video report (sorry about the small glitches, my computer was a bit sick).

UPDATE: MikeCT at MLN adds this tidbit of info:
Krayeske mentions that on January 30, the day he goes back to court, there will be a rally for free speech at 8 am on the north stairs of the State Supreme Court building. The building is at 231 Capitol Ave, across from the Capitol building (directions).

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