Friday, January 12, 2007

Video of Ned Lamont's "Thank You" Party

Last night's party in New Haven was a lot of fun. The enthusiastic crowd indicated to me how well-liked and respected Ned is, and it also the illustrated how much people want to continue to be involved. As with all post-election Ned events, the turnout was huge and impressive.

The video runs about 10 minutes, with Ned's 5:30 speech in the middle, and a bunch of crowd shots and general fun. Oh, and sorry about the retina-damaging video light; I promise I'll only use it during solar eclipses from now on!


spazeboy said...

Of course you kept the part where I point out that you're probably the best videoblogger in the country. Of course.

spazeboy said...

One more thing. Ned Lamont is the shit.

CT Bob said...

Spazeboy, I liked your quote so I naturally included it in the video.

My only objection is your inept and reckless use of the word "probably".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up Bob. I wish I'd gotten there earlier. This speech makes me kind of sentimental. I have no schadenfreude for Dems who voted for the surgeman. 'nuff said.

CT Bob said...

mui, it was nice to meet you last night. Yeah, the speech was good and kind of bittersweet, but also it energized the crowd and will help keep people involved.

And no, there's no room for schadenfreude in this case, because how good can someone feel about being right when ultimately, we ALL lose?

cgg said...

I love seeing myself and others visibly cringe when the light flashes on us/them.

Nice video, as always.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Likewise. The Lamont campaign brought a vast amount of really excellant people together. I hope we can all stick together and accomplish great things.
You're right about schadenfreude. But how many people did I talk to? And now it's "I told you so." It's all too appalling for any kind of smug self satisfaction. Look at the monster we have in the senate. He's a poor excuse. We have zero representation from him.

Anonymous said...

video = good

light on top = you suck, my eyes hurt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob...great video!!! -- you captured the enthusiasm of the big crowd and all the fun we were having! I wonder how Ned likes being the shit…I must admit I was thankful Spazeboy had an explanation under that wonderful picture!

crannagh said...

Thanks Bob, great seeing the video and reliving the excitement of Thurs. night. Oh, it was nice meeting you as well!

drowsy said...

Trivial point, and I may be late on this observation, but your text treatments are very nice!

The fonts look better and the outline makes them more readable. It improves the overall reception I think.

Looks like you are working on all aspects of your game!

Thanks for keeping it up.

Anonymous said...

George Jepson is an idiot. He seems to think every race tinged and Ned Lamont and they didn't. George Allen was a racist who made so many negative comments the voters of Virginia turned their back on him. Ned didn't do anything to help these races, he became a distraction as Joe Lieberman ran over him, because of Neds inexperience and the voters simply could not trust this guy.

Ned knew he wasn't going to win, its why he loaned the campaign the money instead of giving it to himself because he wanted some return on a bad investment. He needed to learn he was campaigning against Joe Lieberman, not George Bush and CT residents had enough of listening to his crap. Just crawl into that good night Ned and never come back to politics again.

CT Bob said...

Wow. It continues to amaze me how bitter and angry the Lieberman supporters are. Hey anonymous, your guy WON! Have fun, enjoy the victory, and prepare your children to be drafted for the endless war Joe wants.

Maybe your angst is misplaced, anonymous. Perhaps you should be bitching about how Joe said he wanted to get our troops home, and turned around and insisted sending MORE troops is the way to go.

Being mad at Lamont won't solve the problem; try directing your anger at the guy who LIED to you and TRICKED you into voting for him!

It must be terribly frustrating to know you've been duped by Joe's political machine. It has to be awfully grating to feel like such a sucker.

I feel sorry for you.

CT Bob said...

Drowsy, thanks! I've been working on trying different fonts. I really like the "Chiller" font I used for the Krayeske interview. I'm no longer going to use the basic text font.

And big fonts work. The larger, the better. Especially on Youtube!

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman said he wanted to bring the troops home. But he meant he wanted to bring them home in bodybags.

I am so depressed I can hardly see, with or without the light on your camera.

Incidentally: Patti Smith once wrote a poem that had a line that said she liked the flashbulbs going off " makes me feel popular"

Scarce said...

According to the FEC, Edward M Lamont spent over $13 milllion of his own money and loaned a further $3 million, while raising another $4 million from individual contributions.

Trolls don't even bother with basic research anymore.

Joseph Lieberman raised nearly $19 million total, including $16.5 from individuals and another $2.5 from PACS/Lobbyists. Over 84% of this was from outside Connecticut and presumably a good portion from Republican sources.

CT Bob said...

Scarce, yes; the trolls can only spew what they're told by shills like Gerstein and Whittman. If they ever had to think for themselves, they'd never get beyond the complexities of tying their own shoes.

Tessa, try not to let it get you down. Just think of where we'd be if it wasn't for the efforts of people like you backing the anti-war agenda. Lieberman would be talking about sending 200,000 more troops rather than 20,000.

We've made a real difference.

Anonymous said...

No Kidding Bob ... when I think about these spoiled Brats who are still harping on Ned who was a perfect gentlement even in defeat. It makes me even prouder of all the grassroot support I was a part of. Sorry I missed the party. Lieberman and his lies make me sick. I still can't believe the voters of CT did not see through the lies. But it wasn't my vote. We will keep up the effort. That might be what scares them.

TrueBlueCT said...

Thanks Bob. A lot of fun, as always.

Anonymous said...

"Scarce, yes; the trolls can only spew what they're told by shills like Gerstein and Whittman."

This is why i visit this site, the conspiracy mongering is great. keep it up bob, i hope you post some interesting "facts" about Roswell and crop circles as well.

CT Bob said...

The previous post was brought to you by the shill firm of "Gerstein & Wittmann".


Anonymous said...

I am still amazed at the spending levels Bob posted earlier. $16 million for Ned and $19 million for Joe. It blows my mind how this campaign got so out of control. But I truly believe that this absurd spending has much to do with Ned Lamont cracking his piggy bank during the primary and Joe trying to follow his lead.

As an Advertising Executive I have to say that when people categorize Ned Lamont’s campaign as grassroots I can’t help but laugh. $16 million is not even close to grassroots $0-$500k is grassroots (with no TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising). I do wonder how much of the candidate’s total budgets actually went to media placements, that’s the true quantifier.

Bob, with all the money being thrown around in this past election you sure missed out on some ad dollars. I mean from June to November your blog was basically a giant advertisement for Ned and you created quality impressions that he would have willing to pay for. In 2008 if you want to earn some extra cash for your family let me know, why not Daily Kos and Huffington Post do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great vid of this fantastic event. It recalled so much of the hope and passion we all felt during the campaign. I am remaining pissed, energized and ignited, which I believe is my attempted self medication for the depression that otherwise would set in. I hope you all are too! Great to see you all again, and I look forward to future gatherings and causes - everyone take care.