Sunday, January 28, 2007

Here's a SOTU memory

Watching last week's State of the Union address reminded me of that classic moment two years ago when George Bush grabbed his busom buddy Joe by the head and gave him a smooch.

That was back when Lieberman pretended to be a Democrat.

Now he doesn't even bother to pretend.

Yes, I took the weekend off. My wife and I went to Newport to enjoy some solitude and the sparse crowds of the off-season. The hotel had wi-fi, but I forced myself to limit my blogging, except to post the previous article while I was waiting for my wife to get ready to go to dinner. Here's a picture I took while we were hiking along the shore:


cgg said...

A classic love story!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Bob! I was marching in DC protesting with what seemed to be even a bigger group than the one I attended on Sept. 24, 2005. So don't believe the MSM that only reported tens of thousands. It was the biggest gathering since this damn war started (confirmed by the LATimes). It turned out to be a beautiful day, 50 degrees and very sunny! They changed the marching route; this time we couldn't march pass the White House. I guess poor George didn't want his nap time interrupted!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!
I noticed Joe seemed very lonely at this year's SOTU. It looked like someone said he couldn't go to the aisle to get his kiss (Michelle Bachman probably would have wrestled him to the ground).

gchaucer2 said...

Happy birthday, Bob.

Now that Lieberman has stated he could vote for a Republican presidential candidate, perhaps it is a good time to interview Amman and Jarjura and some other Dems who thought he was such a good choice. I'd love to know what they think now.

@Harriet -- oh, how jealous am I that I wasn't in D.C. Haven't marched down there since the anti-nuke days.

CT Bob said...

Thanks all!

Harriet, I guess George has finally noticed that the entire world is against him...maybe he'll wake up someday and make some amends. But I doubt it.

Yeah UptownNYChick, Joe was a wallflower at this year's SOTU...nobody wanted to dance with him now that he's political anthrax! Watch for other politicians, both Republican and Democratic, who give our junior Senator plenty of solitude. He's become radioactive.

gchaucer2, I think we should craft a new "simple question" to ask Connecticut Dems who happen to find themselves in front of our cameras. Something like "do you feel Joe is a traitor to his party?"

And by "party", of course I mean the CFL party!