Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Maura Needs Our Help

Our Maura -- the one who essentially ran the Lamont campaign in Fairfield County, and the first constituent to take Joe on in the Irish bar when Biden's train didn't get him here -- has been ill and has the bills to show for it. She's on the mend, and it looks like the worst has passed. Not only did she need treatment, but she had a full-blown allergic reaction to the IV medicine they gave her, which has been a nightmare and the health care expense meter went nuts. This is a perfect case study of how screwed up access to health care is in CT, and I am sure she will write about it when she is feeling better.

Details and a PayPal button for Maura are here at MyLeftNutmeg. The CT bloggers, as a community appreciate any help you can give for one of our own.
[We didn't put Maura's button here so there would be no confusion -- it's a lot easier to make sure Maura's money goes to her using the MLN link]

Thanks, all, in advance.

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CT Bob said...

Kirby, thanks so much for putting this up.

Everyone, if you can do it without too much discomfort, please pitch in for Maura; she's one of the very best of the "good guys"!

And, if you can't swing it, don't despair; please send healing thoughts and maybe a nice comment her way.

It all helps; but you know that.