Friday, January 19, 2007

It's just like being there

If you couldn't attend last night's CFL organizational meeting, you can experience the thrill of being there from the comfort of your own computer by watching the fifty-one minute long video of the entire meeting, from the call to order to the vote to adjorn.

My favorite part: Jon Kantrowitz's repeated use of the phrase "our glorious namesake" when referring to Senator Lieberman.

On several occasions Dr. Orman walked out of view of the camera, because I was either taking still photos or grabbing a fresh beer, but other than that, the video coverage was pretty good and the audio sounds decent.

So make yourself some popcorn, sit back and let the entire "Connecticut For Lieberman" experience wash over you. Enjoy!

When I get a chance, I'll create a much shorter (3 or 4 minute) video of the highlights of the evening, but tonight I've got to get to sleep early so I can drive to New Haven at 5AM and stake out a good spot to video the NH Coliseum implosion, scheduled for 7:30am.

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