Friday, January 12, 2007

Lieberman Interview on Broadwater

I managed to ask the Senator a couple questions about the impending Broadwater LNG platform project, which became much more likely to be built because of Lieberman's vote in favor of the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, which removed state's control over siting decisions for energy projects.

The interview is brief, but it was a nice day and I had fun talking to my buddies Branford Boy, CT Keith, Maura, Sufi, and interviewing Ken Krayeske and Rosa DeLauro.


Anonymous said...

Did he say "recall"?! Oh wait -- the recall of tax incentives to the big energy companies. Hmmmmm, big energy company $$$$$ = winning General Election....hmmmm. Yeah, right, Senator "no one wants to end this war more than I do" Lieberman -- we can really count on you to go after your big energy fund raisers!

I have to hand it to you Bob, you're not afraid to ask the tough questions...too bad you have to get such double-speak answers!

Anonymous said...

It's almost seems like a form of self-abuse to watch HoJoe.