Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do I have to set up a calendar here?

All of a sudden there's a crapload of events happening, and they're coming too fast to properly get the word out. Maybe I'll create a fancy calendar like they have over at My Left Nutmeg, except I'm too busy right now.

So here is what's going on in MY world:

Tonight - BLOG WARS Hartford Screening (click here for details)

Tomorrow Night - CT FOR LIEBERMAN Organizational Meeting (click here for details)

Friday Night - Ken Krayeske LEGAL FUNDRAISER (click here for details)

Saturday Morning Ridiculously Early - I'll be videotaping the New Haven Coliseum Implosion from atop the Temple Street garage (click here for details)

Plus I have two DTC meetings next week!

(...and here I thought things were going to slow down after the election was done!)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I know you're busy Bob, however, for the sake of Joyce (who has to put up with all of this) don't forget to take out the trash!

See you at the CT for Lieberman meeting tomorrow! Should be interesting!

ctblogger said...

No resting have to blind more people with your nuclear-powered light :-)

CT Bob said...

Enough about the trash! The trash is fully taken care of and it won't be an issue again until Monday. Let's all agree that trash talk won't be necessary here!

(See you there, Harriet!)

CT Blogger - there are still many millions of retinas I still need to fuse; I don't know how I'll ever get around to them all!