Friday, January 05, 2007

LW: How dare he say that?

Lieberman Watch: Did Joe Lieberman actually have the shameless audacity to compare the total fucking disaster he and George W Bush created in Iraq to our nation's entirely justified and righteous defense against the fascist agressors in World War Two?

Is THAT what this arrogant pontificating ass is actually SAYING here?!?

Does Lieberman just make this ridiculous shit up as he babbles away for the cameras?

Or does some speechwriting genius sit down and say, "Hey, I know what I'll do! I'll have him say something about how the rogue few from a backwards third-world agrarian nation caught us with our pants down is the same as the rise of world fascism in the 30's, and how Japan's massive attack on Pearl Harbor is EXACTLY like a bunch of misguided religious freaks taking advantage of a weakness in America's defenses against hijackings, and scare the living SHIT outta people with it!"

That's probably what happened.

How else could an 18-year US Senator be so stupid as to actually say such dumb shit like that unless he was reading it from a pre-written speech? He probably didn't have time to review it before giving the speech.

Yeah, that's gotta be it.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I totally share your outrage.

I swear, medical researchers could learn a lot about the rage centers in the brain by running an MRI on me as I read the transcript of Lieberman's AEI speech today. Each paragraph was just as offensive and outrageous as the last. I think I must have blown out multiple blood vessels up there.

Anonymous said...

Woops - the above comment was me, Maura.

Anonymous said...

Maura, I feel the same way -- I think I have gotten to hate Joe more than Bush! Every time I hear LIEBerman I can't help but feel I've just entered "The Twighlight Zone"! I can't believe that anyone would actually give this asshole the time of day. Thank gawd Pelosi and Reid sent a letter to Bush today stating that they are NOT supporting sending more troops. I know Bush will announce this on Wednesday, but LET’S HOPE THE DEMOCRATS STAND THEIR GROUND AND FIGHT IT! Joe will be Joe, but he’s really standing in his own quicksand and nothing would make me happier than to see him drown in it!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what Jim Amann thinks of the Walnuts McCain-Holy Joe escalation plan.


fuzzyturtle said...

it's not his fault. He was high.

that's the only logical explanation.

ctkeith said...

Jim Amann is waiting for Jodi Rell to comment on the surge plan so he can say he agrees with whatever it is she says.

After all Amann thinks getting rid of all those "Bass party members" in Iraq was a very Bad idea.

He never met any incumbent of any party he wouldn't suppor

Anonymous said...

I think you guys would be surprised with how many older people in the general public agree with this WWII comparison. My grandfather (Patton’s tank division) and his 2 VFW buddies and been saying what Lieberman is saying for a few years. Lieberman was also mainly supported in this older age group in this past election. Now I don’t know enough about Iraq to pretend like I have the answers but when I see these people who actually lived through a situation like WWII and they can make this comparison, well then I got to take their word for it. All I really know that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad worries me.

CT Bob said...

I'm sorry, but the comparison isn't realistic, for the following reasons:

Germany and Japan were largely industrialized nations with huge manufacturing capabilities. They were able to produce enourmous quantities of weaponry and ammunition. The Axis also possessed large and well-trained militaries, capable of fast and overwhelming offensives. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan had a history of nation building and forced annexation of neighboring territories.

Iran, on the other hand, and those other "terrorist" countries don't have ANY of those criteria. The ONLY danger from any of them is terrorism. We can't use old strategies to combat this new threat.

Sadly, our leaders seem to indulge in WWII-era thinking to combat this 21st century situation. Obviously there are OTHER, unstated reasons for the massive and wasteful occupation of Iraq, and the equally ridiculous push to invade Iran.

The war profiteers are the only ones winning this "war". The rest of us (the world in general) loses. There are saner ways to ensure America's security, but those don't involve the same profitability as the current situation does.

Anonymous said...

Liarman is so f*cking vile. All those Reptilican contributions have paid off for the Neocons, not for any of us in CT.
I read Maura's post via FDL, which rings true to my experience. I remain embittered (although not pulling my hair out anymore). I am appalled and don't even have a trace of schadenfreude for the idiotic "democrats" who "stuck with Joe," 'cause " "Joe's a good guy, I've known him for years", " He's a friend," blah, blah blah blah.