Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CFL's Letter to Joe Lieberman

Sue ("Sprinkles" at KOS) posted the official "CFL Letter to Joe" over on DailyKOS.

This is a good opportunity to repost the video of my question to Joe about "his" new party's name.

Evidently he didn't think enough of CFL (or "LFC", for that matter) to make up buttons.

...or even join it.


Sue123 said...

Would you believe I can't get Kos at work? I'm missing the whole shabang.

CT Bob said...

That's a bummer; last time I checked there were over 100 comments posted! Looks like CFL is still getting plenty of buzz over at Kos.

Anonymous said...

CFL is just a joke and It shows how serious CT liberals are.

CT Bob said...

You're partially right...our "glorious namesake" (Joe Lieberman) started the joke, and then he became the punch line.

Anonymous said...

I've grown real tired of being the punch line for jokes about CT, CT voters and CT elections. Joe Lieberman has turned CT into the national joke! Our lack of recall provisions and lacking election laws are debated daily all over the web. If this weren't bad enough, we then have republican granny Rell as governor. Misery, thy name is Joe Lieberman.