Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I joined my DTC last night

It was less than a year ago that my interest in the political process evolved me from a happy-go-lucky "spectator" to a committed "participant".

And following the lead of fellow "citizen journalist" Ken Krayeske, I've even been labeled "troublemaker" now and again by some less-than-tolerant individuals. This blog has been a record of my involvement in the process, both as a commentator and an online journalist (and occasionally, even a bit of a "smart-aleck".)

During the tumultuous 2006 campaign, I became aware that Democracy is best served when people get involved. So I started attending DTC meetings and got to know many of the members. Last night I was voted onto my town's DTC unanimously (which, when there are vacant uncontested seats, is pretty much a given...but then again, with me you never know).

Marty Hardiman, outgoing 3rd district Chairman, spoke of meeting me at the State Democratic Convention back in May, and my attendance of DTC meetings. When my name was put up for membership in the DTC, I was nominated as "Connecticut Bob", because even though I make no secret of it, hardly anyone knew my real name!

Anyway, I'd like to thank my fellow DTC members for inviting me to join, and I look forward to this Thursday's Townwide DTC meeting, where we'll discuss which candidates are interested in running for local office this November.

Already I've come to realize that politics is a 12-months-a-year process, and there is no true "down time" anymore.


cgg said...


Scarce said...

Good job, Bob. Would you care to represent our party?

CT Bob said...

LOL! Love the profile image, Scarce!

Anonymous said...

I believe I first spoke to you about the Milford Democratic Town Committee on June 21, 2006 at the David Sirota booksigning (Atticus Books, New Haven).


This video is full of what will become "the usual suspects". Beyond Sirota, you can see Eddie Vale through the window, then Tom Swan, then Ned Lamont (acknowledging you quite nicely).

CT Bob said...

Yes, I remember that. It was quite a crowd stuffed into a very small corner of the bookstore.

Anonymous said...

tessa, I remember being there, in fact, I'm on the last part of the tape asking the "environmental question" which I can't remember what it was and, of course, my voice was quite mumbled so I still don't know what the question is. Anyway, it was the first time I meet CTBob and David Sirota! That evening for me was one mishap after another which ended by me spilling my salad plate as I got up to greet Ned and David, and the dressing on the salad went all over the floor and I think just missed their shoes – it was definitely not one of my best days! Bob, I’m so glad you didn’t get that one on tape!

BTW, congratulations for getting on the DTC – Woo Hoo!!!!!

MVD said...

Great! As a long-time DTC member, I want to warn you that it can get boring, and seem useless, especially during off years (local elections). But if you stick with it, and help make the process work, it can be a great experience. There's something very positive and good about working with a group of people towards a goal, and once in a while achieving it!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Good for you Bob! Good for Connecticut and the nation too!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on joining the DTC in Milford. I'm a resident of Milford and former DTC member in Stratford. Keep on keepin on. How's about a petition to recall lieberman even though we don't have a recall provision in this state. Would be a good movement in the right direction.