Thursday, January 25, 2007


There's a new blog in Connecticut, devoted SOLELY to examining Senator Lieberman's broken campaign promises and outright lies, called LieberWatch.

In his series of articles, author Concerned In Connecticut uses both Lieberman's own words and quotes from various sources to deconstruct the Senator's countless reversals and lies. Obviously typing with a thesaurus in one hand (I've rarely seen the same word used twice when he refers to something), Concerned In Connecticut picks apart the Senator's many contradictions in a methodical and determined manner.

I recommend visiting LieberWatch to see Joe's lies and deceptions laid out in a detailed yet clear series of articles.

My only worry is that putting together so many lies in a single place might cause them to reach critical mass and trigger a runaway frenzy of partisan calls for accountability from our junior Senator.

I can only hope.


cbmilne33 said...

Friday/26 January/2007.Sender:Colin Bruce Milne.Te Awamutu.Waikato.3800.New Zealand.Dear Sir/Madam,We must never forget that Joe Lieberman was a traitor against the Florida voters,Al Gore and the USA Democratic Party plus the USA Constitution when he refused to let the Florida People have their democratic voting rights.Yours Sincerely,C.Bruce Milne.C.B.Milne.

CT Bob said...

Thank you Colin...I'm sure nobody will forget a lot of what Joe Lieberman did and continues to do.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I know the blogger who created this site and he is incredibility smart and unrelenting in keeping Joe accountable. Thanks so much for posting it because it will be a great resource for those who want to Lieber Watch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob, looks like a great resource! I tried to post a comment over there, but the 'verification' image did not show up. Anyway, this doesn't seem to have popped up yet on MLN, so I'll post it there but of course give you 'h/t' props, and include LIEman's contact-page URL. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Colin's statement hits a home run in my book. I find it very interesting that when Joe ran as VP he was not as enthusiastic about winning the election as he was being just a senator. Analyzing Joe behavior that to me was the link. Why in 2000 did Joe not fight harder when Gore/ Lieberman ticket had won the popular vote? Now he has contempt for any democrate who did not support him in 2006. Why not the same for Bush/Cheney ? Was his voting record as pro republican before the 2000 election? He has abandoned the democratic party in my eyes and should not be in their majority lead head count in the senate. He fought with all his lies to beat Ned Lamont. Yet Bush/ Cheney have walked all over him used him as their poster Democratic supporter. Lieberman has been on thier payroll for a very long time. ml