Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Congresswoman DeLauro Interview

On Sunday I discussed several topics with Rosa DeLauro, such as the newest members of the Connecticut Congressional delegation in Washington, and I also asked about the major issues facing Congress in this session and what they can do to stop the Broadwater project.


Connecticut Man1 said...

You should have asked her what her idea of a "new direction in Iraq" really is?

It would have been a great folloow up question... Though I am guessing some of you may already have at least a vague idea of what that would be.

Great interview!

TrueBlueCT said...

Wow, Bob. Nice going. Rosa gives a great interview, and I, for one, believe her heart is really in the right place.

Speaking of FERC, I'd like to know more. Did the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill really give the Fed'l agency strict control over the siting of Broadwater??

Friends say it's a done deal. But I still want to have faith in the likes of Blumenthal, Dodd, and DeLauro...

CT Bob said...

CM1, I would have asked that follow-up, but there were a bunch of sort of impatient people waiting for Rosa just off-camera and I wanted to get to the Broadwater question, so I didn't have time. But Rosa does give a good interview and at some point I'd like to get her for an in-depth interview. She seems very accessable.

TrueblueCT, I think we're screwed as far as the present law goes, but if we can raise public awareness, throw enough obstacles in its way, and stall the Broadwater project long enough, we'll probably get some repaired legislation passed that will return some of the state's rights to the siting decisions. It would be helpful if they included a "shared resources" clause in it, so people in neighboring states who depend on and benefit from a shared body of water like the Sound can have a say even if the siting is entirely in one state.

Anonymous said...

Great interview Bob. Rosa is one of best leaders CT has and I feel this video shows her enthusiasm. Can you please keep us posted on the broadwater situation the major media outlets in CT have horrible coverage

CT Bob said...

adam, yeah this is an issue that's important to me. I'll be on it. Just yesterday, fucking Rudy Guliani appeared in CT at a hearing to say Broadwater is a good thing. Of course, his company stands to make millions from its passage.

I'll make sure that little fact doesn't get forgotten in the '08 presidential race (not that he has a snowball's chance in Iraq anyways).